Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting


Shared hosting is slightly different from WordPress Hosting. When creating a new website, you’ll be confronted with dilemma regarding the choice of hosting plan given Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting. Before picking up a plan, go through reviews to single out the best among the available choices.

Our main idea is to guide you on how to select the most suitable hosting plan given Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting. First, let’s go through the difference between the two types of hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the type of hosting where a server is partitioned of into small sections to host several websites. In other words, all the websites hosted under shared hosting environment share resources.

In this type of hosting, one website’s performance is dependent on the performance of another website. If a certain website experiences traffic spikes, other websites will be affected. In some cases, the entire server will experience downtime once overwhelmed.

Shared Hosting is preferred by new websites because it’s less costly. Web hosting companies like Bluehost charge as little as $2.65 per month. You will find that out of 2 million websites hosted by Bluehost,1.6 million are under shared hosting plans. The good thing is that there are several levels of shared hosting plans which are priced depending on resources allocated to each.

Once you are on shared hosting environment, you have a room to upgrade to a more superior type of hosting. This is one advantage of selecting this type of hosting. Some hosting companies do not permit clients to downgrade from VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server to Shared Hosting but they allow one to upgrade to either of the two.

One limitation of shared hosting is that it has fewer features compared to WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting.

  • WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is divided into two, there is Managed WordPress Hosting and Unmanaged WordPress Hosting. WordPress Hosting covers both shared, VPS and Dedicated server but only WordPress sites are hosted by this type of hosting. The pricing of a plan determines the amount of resources allocated to a website.

With Managed WordPress Hosting, the cPanel is managed by the hosting company such that when new WordPress updates occur, the company will automatically update your site. One of the hosting companies with fully Managed WordPress hosting is Kinsta, it’s actually the best Managed WordPress Hosting company in the world.

Unmanaged WordPress Hosting is somehow different from Managed hosting because the cPanel is not managed by the hosting company.A2 hosting is one of the companies with such type of hosting.

WordPress Hosting is more expensive than Shared Hosting and it’s because of the superior features it contains.

  • Which is the best between Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting

If your site is relatively new with less than 100,000 visits per month, I would recommend that you select Shared Hosting because it’s economical. If you also own a website that belongs to a company that’s not so busy, Shared Hosting is the case your traffic grows in future, you will upgrade to VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server or WordPress Hosting.Bluehost contains all these types of hosting, check the plans here

For viral websites and blogs receiving moderate traffic, WordPress Hosting is the best. I also recommend this type of hosting for people with less technical skills of handling a website. It’s also the best type of hosting for websites that require security features like SSL certificate.Kinsta is the best hosting company for Managed WordPress Hosting,see all the features here

WordPress Hosting is ideal for medium and viral blogs that require security while Shared hosting is for new and small websites that aim to minimize hosting costs.