List of Profitable Businesses to Do from Home in Kenya


The 8 hours’ blue collar jobs we all aspire to get may not be forthcoming. In the course of searching for one, the idea of starting any type of business which we can do from home will crop up. Even without sufficient income, there is some unique business opportunity you can grasp and operate from home.

You might find yourself just stuck at home without a job. The best and most ideal alternative is to start a small business which you can pursue from home. Here is a number of such opportunities:

  • Blogging

The first and most popular business to do from home is blogging. This one requires a capital of Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 10,000. You can opt to launch from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and later start your own blog. To register a domain name and buy hosting space, it will cost you Ksh 2,000 per year. Web hosting companies like HostPinnacle will register your blog for Ksh2,000

Blogging is a lucrative business, only that it requires patience. Notable bloggers like Robert Alai and Cyprian Nyakundi launched their career without owning a blog. Cyprian Nyakundi was suspended from college after he attacked the Vice Chancellor on Twitter, he never graduated. The blogger earns more than Khs300,000 every month from a couple of his blogs. Robert Alai worked at the United Nations, he later became a blogger after his contract at the prestigious institution ended.

There are over 1,000 Kenyans who have made blogging their full time job.

  • Cake Baking

People hold wedding parties, birthday parties, graduation parties and other ceremonies which require cakes. Cake baking has become one of the fastest growing industries in Kenya because most homes have substituted bread to cakes.

If you can learn how to bake cakes, go ahead and do so, then create a Facebook page where you display your nicely baked cakes. You will spend Ksh 200 to bake a cake and sell the same at Ksh 1,200.

Cake baking does not necessarily require a shop; the business can be launched from home.

People will be making orders and you deliver them at their homes/offices.

  • Manicure and Pedicure

When I was living in Donholm, there were women who used to do manicure and pedicure. I still remember how other women used to flock their houses in the evening. What made it so interesting was that the one doing the job was just doing it from her sitting room and making money.

To start manicure and pedicure business, you need a capital of less than Ksh1,000…I am sure this is a drop in the ocean for any Kenyan.

  • Kinyozi

It’s not a must you start Kinyozi business from a rented premise, you can do it from your house. A total of Ksh 5,000 is enough to buy machines and disinfectants.

A good idea is to start a mobile Kinyozi where you move from one house to another, or simply do the job from your house. Once the money is enough to rent a room, get a permit and officially launch a well-established Kinyozi. We understand that there are customers who aren’t comfortable being shaved in their homes or from someone’s house, they prefer a central place.

  • Home salon

To start a home salon is free, you don’t need a license; you don’t need any equipment—just your hands. This can be a good business for women who have infants or for someone who is completely jobless and is looking for a footing in business.

You customers will come to your house for the services.

  • CV and Cover letter writing

This is something you can do from anywhere, your house being one of the most suitable locations. I remember doing this type of business in 2008 from where I lived. I just had LinkedIn page and Facebook accounts where I used to advertise my business. I used to get at least 3 customers per week. I charged Ksh 1,500 per CV and Ksh500 per cover letter. I never used to struggle to pay my house rent. That time, I didn’t have a full time job, I had struggled to look for one for almost one year.

For this kind of business, you need a fancy website, Facebook page and LinkedIn account. With aggressive marketing, clients will come in numbers.

  • Data Analysis and proposal writing

If you are a graduate, don’t be idling at home, there is something you can do to keep you busy. You can do data analysis for university students and earn money. In addition, several students are not even aware of how to write proposals, this is something a graduate can easily do.

Create a Facebook page where you advertise your skills, visit universities and colleges and talk to students. You’ll only need six months to start getting known.

Data Analysis requires basic skills in statistics and excellent skills in excel. You can collaborate with a friend who understands the skills to do the job

Proposal writing is not a difficult task. All you need to learn is the format. Once you know the topic, it’s easy to come up with a proposal.

  • Make Mandazi and Chapati

Another good business for hustlers especially in Nairobi is baking Mandazi and Chapati.This can be done outside your house or in the house. The capital for this business can be as little as Ksh500.

You will not only sell to your neighbours but also to shops around your area.

  • DJ Training bsuiness

Nowadays there are hundreds of Kenyans who want to be DJs.This is business you can do from home. Set aside one section of your house where to place DJ equipment, start a Facebook page to showcase your skills. If people like your mixes, they’d want to be trained. To train one person, you’ll charge Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 30,000 per month.

Become a YouTuber

YouTubers earn up to billions of dollars. To become a YouTuber, you need an account, which you actually get for free, then register for Google AdSense. The income you’ll be getting is from AdSense. Earnings are only generated when people view your videos.

With more and more subscribers, your YouTube account will generate thousands in cash every month.

For you to succeed as a YouTuber, your videos must be original, fresh and exciting/educative. Make sure you post regularly.

  • Selling popcorns

You can also sell popcorns to children. The good thing about children is that when they discover that you are selling their favourite food, they’ll come even in your house to buy.

You don’t even need a popcorn machine, even a sufuria is enough.

  • Academic writing

There are numerous academic writing companies which offer jobs to jobless graduates. This job requires a laptop/computer plus internet but no need of an office. First, search for a good academic writing company, register and start getting jobs via your email. The payment will be done through MPESA on weekly or monthly basis.

Those are just but some of the businesses to do from home in Kenya. There are many more businesses which you will discover over time.


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