How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2020


There are more than 20 ways one can make money online in Nigeria in 2020.In the modern world, there is no guarantee that you’ll get a white collar job upon graduating, as a result many Nigerian graduates have gone online to grasp available opportunities. In this article, we shall list some of the activities to pursue online in 2020 that will yield handsome returns in the short and long run.

  • Blogging

Blogging is a lucrative venture which can return more than $1,000 every month. Nigeria has produced highly successful bloggers like Linda Ikeji who earns in excess of $100,000 per month. More than 3,000 Nigerians are actively blogging.

To start blogging, you require capital in the range of  $10 and $200 depending on the type of website you wish to own. Companies like Whogohost and Bluehost will host your website cheaply.

There are no barriers to entry, anyone can become a blogger in Nigeria. To start earning, you need to produce nice content and be consistent in your work. More than 90% of bloggers in Nigeria earn through Google AdSense. Joining AdSense is free and it only happens after you have created a blog and posted at least 20 articles.

For the first 6 months, you may struggle to break even because your site is new but after sometime, your content will begin to appear on page one of search engines, thus attracting more and more readers. There is no limit to the amount of income you make as a blogger, your efforts will determine your earnings.

Bloggers earn through sponsored articles, direct banners, affiliate marketing, AdSense and paid reviews.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another source of income for online marketers. Nigeria has over 1000 companies with affiliate programs but only a couple of them have high paying programs.

Affiliate programs work well for niche sites. Technology, gambling, web hosting and forex are some of the best affiliate niches in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketers earn in terms of commissions, which range between 2% and 50% of the total sales.

Here are some of the most popular affiliate programs in Nigeria:

1XBET(sign up here)

22BET(sign up here)

Jumia affiliate program(sign up here)

A2 Hosting(sign up here)

WhoGoHost(Sign up here)

You can market the products through your blog, Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

  • Become a YouTuber

YouTube is also another genuine source of earning a living from online in Nigeria. Joining this platform is straight forward, all you need is a YouTube account where you post unique videos regularly. Once you clock 3,000 views, apply for Google AdSense. Upon approval, link the AdSense account with your YouTube channel and start earning money.

Make sure you share your YouTube videos on Facebook and Twitter so as to increase subscription numbers. In YouTube, the more subscribers you have the more you earn.

YouTube pays in terms of Cost Per Mile, in other words, Cost per 1,000 views. On average, 1,000 views yield $1-$3. If one video gets 100,000 views, it means you earn upwards of $100.

YouTube has strict rules. Your videos should not contain adult content, should not promote terrorism and must be original. Any copyrighted video is deleted.

  • Social media influencer

Develop Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, amass huge following and see how brands will approach you. In the modern world, social media influencers have a huge impact on the population both socially and economically, their following is an asset to them. When your social media accounts surpass 100,000 followers each, companies will contact you to market their products. Politicians will also contact you to push an agenda.

Even with little education, you’ll easily become a social media influencer.

A number of influencers in Nigeria charge something from $100 per single advert.

  • Start an e-Commerce website

e-Commerce website like Jumia will provide an online platform where you sell products like clothes, shoes and electronics online. Even though there are many available e-commerce sites in Nigeria, still there are plenty of opportunities for new entrants

You require $100 to $1000 to start an e-commerce site. The website can be registered and hosted by Bluehost hosting company, a top company for hosting online shops.

You will operate an online shop even if you don’t have products—-Just provide a platform where other marketers will display their products and you charge them in the process.

The good thing about this business is that you don’t need a physical location where to display your items, all items are displayed on the website.

It’s encouraging that some of the richest people in the world are running successful online shops. Jeff Bezos is the owner of Amazon and is the richest person on earth. Alibaba founder Jack Ma is the richest person in China. This tells you that online shops are a source of real wealth.

  • Online academic writing/Data Analysis

There are millions of university students who need their data to be analyzed, others want someone to do proposals for them. This is something any average graduate will pursue. There are also several UK based academic writing companies that you will join and start making money.

Data Analysis require that you own a website where you showcase your skills, you can create one and start hosting with Whogohost Nigeria

  • Forex Trading

Another genuine way to make money online is through forex trading. This requires that you create an account, deposit money into that account and start trading. With experience, you’ll be earning in excess of $1,000 every month.

The best thing is that all forex trading companies have a demo section which you can use to learn how to do forex trading.

  • Become an online broker

You can also develop a website where you link buyers and sellers. Some of the products to display include houses, land and electronics. Companies like OLX are doing the same but yours should be unique. Instead of the owners displaying the products, you’ll be the one doing the same.

  • Buy and sell Bitcoins

Bitcoins have become so popular in the recent past. This is one venture any risk taker should set their eyes on. At first, people thought that this business is a scam but over time, majority of Nigerians have come to embrace it.

When joining, please select a genuine Bitcoin company where to buy the Bitcoins from. I would suggest that you buy from UK or USA companies.

  • Start an online Job portal

There are many companies in Nigeria that advertise jobs online. An online portal will provide a platform where they advertise the vacancies. There should be a free and premium sections. For the premium section, you can charge from $10 to advertise a vacancy.

You should also incorporate CV and cover letter writing services where you charge as high as $50 for CV writing.

  • Participate in Online surveys

Companies like GeoPoll offer Nigerians an opportunity to earn money through surveys. Such companies will pay you the moment you complete a task. Joining online survey is free and once you’re a member, they’ll be sending you surveys to complete.

  • Sell betting tips

More than 20 million Nigerians are addicted to gambling. Selling betting tips is a lucrative activity in the country. Victor Predict is one of the blogs that has blossomed because of selling betting tips.

Those are just but a few of online opportunities in Nigeria. If you pick one and do it perfectly, you’ll follow the footsteps of the likes of Linda Ikeji.

  • Sell your professional skills

There are some professional skills you can sell online, like legal education, health advice and web design/SEO services, cake baking. Market yourself through LinkedIn, social media and via your personal blog. You won’t lack someone interested in your skills.



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