Pulselive Kenya Sacks 8 Employees


Popular Kenyan blog, Pulselive, has sacked 8 of its employees. The employees were given dismissal letters on 1 June 2020 by the company’s HR department. As if that is not enough, those who were not sacked were informed that their salaries may be reduced in months to come.

The management cited COVID-19 as the major reason they took the unpopular decision. But one of the sacked employees intimated to us that the company has been struggling to remain afloat. Pulselive was incorporated in Kenya with the intention of leapfrogging Ghafla and Mpasho as the best entertainment blog in the country but their strategy didn’t work. The company’s monthly revenues don’t exceed Ksh1.2 million but their expenses are in excess of Ksh 1.2 million. Before the 8 staff members were fired, Pulselive was having a total of 24 employees.

In a couple of months, the blog might reduce its workers significantly due to financial constraints they are currently experiencing. There are even chances of closing down the Kenyan office to concentrate on Ghana and regions where blogging is more profitable.

Pulselive earns from sponsored content, direct banner advertisements, videos and AdSense.The blog currently ranks among top 50 most visited websites in Kenya.