6 Important Things Every Blog Should Have for it to be Successful


There are 6 important things every blog must have for it to be successful. If one of the things is missing, the blog will struggle to keep up with the growth pace of other blogs. For those with new blogs, you should ensure the 6 things are implemented before it’s too late.

  • Enough web hosting space

Before you even purchase a domain name, the most important step to take is to identify an ideal web hosting company which will have enough space to accommodate your traffic in case the blog becomes viral. You should not always go for the cheap, go for quality.

There are several hosting companies known for hosting viral blogs. There are also others suitable for medium and small blogs. For viral blogs, Kinsta is the best web hosting company. If you wish to learn more about Kinsta,click her to visit their website

Viral blogs receive over 1 million visits per month, they dominate in their respective niches. Kinsta servers will sustain even more than 10 million daily visits.

For medium and small websites, those getting less than 5 million page views per month, Bluehost is the most ideal web hosting company for them. Bluehost has several types of hosting where the cheapest plan costs $3.95 per month. In case you own a blog that grows exponentially, there is a dedicated server ready to accommodate the traffic.To know more about Bluehost,click on this link

If you manage to sort the issues of web hosting, you’ll have a very fruitful blogging journey.

  • Premium WordPress Theme

It’s suicidal to own a website which uses free WordPress theme. A free theme is prone to hacking, malware attacks and it’s not SEO friendly. When developing a new blog, ensure that it has a premium theme which is purchased from a reputable company. Nearly 90% of bloggers purchase premium themes from ThemeFrorest.The company has popular themes like Admania,Newspaper,Authentic,Soledad,Newsmag and several others.Click here to visit Themeforest and learn about the variety of available themes.

The themes will cost between $10 and $70.Newspaper theme costs $59 while Newsmag goes for $49.

Premium themes have numerous advantages. One of them is that they have several spaces for advertisements. The free themes don’t have many places where to place banners.

The premium themes also have extra security features which make them less vulnerable to malware/virus attacks. They also have more features, like the design and additional SEO features

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very important tool for webmasters. It helps you to know how your website is performing in terms of traffic. The tool provides real time updates which you will use to make necessary changes on your content.

Google Analytics is a free tool that’s provided by Google to bloggers and marketers who are keen to monitor how their businesses are performing over time.

  • Google Search Console

Search Console should also be prioritized. While developing your site, ensure that you link it with Google Search Console. The tool will alert you when something wrong happens on your site. It will also show the stories which are indexed and those that are not. In simple term, Search Console will be your online watchdog.

  • SEO and Ranking tool

Your competitors are not sleeping; they are closely monitoring your moves. If you want to keep up with the competition, you have to subscribe to a SEO tool that keeps you updated on how your articles rank in relations to your competitors’ articles. It will also reveal the best performing articles among your competitors. One of the best tools to sign up to is SEMrush. Almost every top blogger is using this tool. SEMrush offers a 30-day free trial plan for all new clients. To register for the free trial plan,click on this link

The tool will help you to know how your site ranks against other blogs. Some bloggers also use Alexa or Similarweb to check the performance of their sites.

  • Monetization strategy

There is no blog that will survive without generating money.Every blogger should come up with innovative monetization strategies. The most common one is AdSense.Once your site is approved by AdSense, you’ll not have any doubts that it will be successful. You can also monetize through Affiliate Marketing.There are over 12 ways of making money online through blogging which you will learn as time goes by.


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