Why Group Kenya Facebook Page was Deleted


Facebook has successfully deleted Group Kenya Facebook page. The action was taken on 16/6/2020 after the page’s founder failed to control the type of content that’s posted in the group.

Group Kenya was formed in 2013 by an aggressive Kenya and its aim was to give Kenyans opportunity to air their views on political matters, but later it allowed followers to post fake content. Facebook has been issues warnings regularly concerning policy violations but the owners never took any action. The last warning was issued yesterday,15/6/2020 and it was about a fake news story that was posted on the group that involved Muigai Wa Njoroge.The photos posted on the group showed Muigai entertaining a woman while sitting in a compromised position.

Group Kenya did not confirm whether the story was true or false, the administrators allowed followers to post as many stories as possible, which of course were not genuine. Facebook took action by taking down the group.

By the time the group was being deleted, it had over 2.1 million followers. The owner was raking in over Ksh100,000 monthly from the group.