List of Web Hosting Affiliate Programs in India



There are over 20 web hosting affiliate programs in India. A number of bloggers have joined these programs and are earning upwards of $10,000 per month. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn passive income in India.

If you own a blog that covers stories about website hosting, blogging and making money online, you ought to join web hosting affiliate programs available in India.

Affiliate marketing pays in terms of commissions. There are those that pay recurring income, like Kinsta,click here to join Kinsta affiliate program. Others pay one off commission.

Below we present affiliate programs for web hosting companies in India

  • DomainRacer Web Hosting Affiliate

Commission Rate – Earn Up To 70%

Payout – On Request

Conversion Rate –13.11%.

DomainRacer is a famous domain and web hosting provider company in India and also they have the best affiliate marketing network. Acquire huge commissions by click this site to exceed paying web hosting affiliate program. They become popular day by day because of their unique features.

You can earn more passive income with the DomainRacer web hosting affiliate program. DomainRacer web hosting plan starting at a very low cost, with this they also offer many extraordinary things to their customer. You enjoy DomainRacer web hosting affiliate marketing with their high conversion ratio.

With every web hosting plans customer get a free SSL certificate, unlimited SSD storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 21x Faster LiteSpeed technology and many more advanced features.

  • 70% commission – 51+    Leads
  • 50% commission – 21-50 Leads
  • 40% commission – 11-20 Leads
  • 30% commission – 01-10 Leads

DomainRacer web hosting affiliate program is a good source of revenue generation. You can earn a 70% commission on the sale and their conversion rate is high 13.11%.

  • A2 Hosting

A2 is a popular hosting company in India with more than 30,000 clients. The company has generous affiliate marketing program where marketers earn up to 50% per sale. To register,click on this link

Here are the commission structures for the affiliate program:

    1-10 sales: $55/sale

    11-15 sales: $75/sale

    16-20 sales: $100/sale

    21+ sales: $125/sale (21 X $125=$2625!)

You can also choose to host your website at A2 Webhosting for as low as $2 per month. To check their plans,follow this link

  • Bluehost

Bluehost not only serves Indian companies but millions of websites across the world. The hosting company offers $65 per sale for new affiliates and $120 for affiliates who have been in the industry for long. Nearly 90% of affiliate bloggers in India are marketing Bluehost products. To join this program,click on this link and enter your details.

With a busy blog, you will earn northwards of $10,000 per month from Bluehost.The company pays affiliate commissions via PayPal and the minimum payment threshold is $100

  • Big Rock

BigRock pays up to R1,500 per sale and is one of the leading web hosting affiliate programs in the country.

Its commission structures are as outlined below:

Monthly Sales Bonus Per Sale Commissions Per Sale
1-5 NA Rs.1,000/-
6-10 Rs.100/- Rs.1,100/-
11-20 Rs.250/- Rs.1,250/-
21+ Rs.500/- Rs.1,500/-

As long as you own a website that gets traffic, Big Rock will always approve your application.

Big Rock affiliate sign up link:

Big Rock offers domain registration, web design, web hosting, bulk sms services as well as email hosting—these are the products you should market and earn money online.

  • Reseller Club

If you also need to earn more than $1,000 every month from affiliate marketing,join Reseller Club ,one of the best hosting companies in the country.

Reseller Club offers the following commissions;

Monthly Sales Commissions Per Sale
Single Domain Hosting
Commissions Per Sale
Multi Domain Hosting
1-10 $15 $30
11-20 $20 $40
21+ $25 $55

To sign up, here is the link:

  • HostGator

If you have never joined HostGator,then you are missing a lot. Apart from Bluehost,HostGator is another top hosting company which has excellent affiliate program.A blog with 1,000 page views per day will generate more than $100 daily from HostGator India.

The commissions are structured as:

Signups Per Month Commissions Per Signup
1-5 Rs.1250
6-10 Rs.1650
11-15 Rs.2250
16-20 Rs.2500
21+ Rs.3000

HostGator affiliate program sign up link:

  • Dream Host

Dream Host pays up to $200 per referral. The company is ranked among top 10 best web hosting companies in India.Anyone with a website is free to register with Dream Host and start making money through affiliate marketing.

Dream Host affiliate program sign up link:

  • Domain India

Domain India pays $15 commission for each customer referred to their company. It’s one affiliate program you should try if your content is about domain registration and web hosting in India.

Domain India affiliate program sign up link:

  • Hostnamaste

Hostnamaste gives affiliates 10% recurring commissions on each sale. Assuming you refer a client that pays $100 every month, you will be earning $10 monthly until that client leaves the company. What if you refer 100 clients?!!!

Here is the registration link:

  • Inmotion

Inmotion is a top web hosting company in the world, it’s one of the cheapest web hosting companies for bloggers. It offers amazing affiliate program for bloggers from any part of the world.

To join the affiliate program, follow this link:

  • Godaddy

Godaddy is ranked among top 10 most popular web hosting companies in the world. When you join their affiliate program, you are sure of selling the products. You will be earning more than $100 per sale if you are aggressive enough.

Godaddy affiliate program sign up link:

  • Hostinger

There are hosting companies you will struggle to market,but not hostinger.Even if you just place the company’s banner on the website,clients will come.

To register for Hostinger affiliate program,here is the sign up link:

  • Hostripples

Hostripples pays you R500 Bonus immediately after completing the registration process. You will then be earning commissions when clients buy through your link.You will be paid whenever your balance reaches R3,500.

To join the affiliate program, use this link:

  • Globe Host

Globe Host pays up to 70% of the cost of a product sold. The program is also worth joining because your target group is India where the company is based.

Globe Host affiliate registration link:

  • Host4Geeks

Host4Geeks pays affiliates commissions ranging from R400 to R2000 per sale.The commissions are paid once a sale is made.

To join, use this link:

  • Host Soch

Host Soch pays 40% per sale.The minimum threshold for payment is R5,000.

To select the program, follow this link:

Those are the leading web hosting companies with affiliate programs. I am sure if you join a couple of them, you’ll earn a lot of income through marketing. Make sure to target readers from India because those are the ones who will buy the products.

  • Kinsta

Kinsta is a Managed Web Hosting company based in the US but serves clients from across the world. It’s among few hosting providers with affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions. You are paid 5% to 10% lifetime commissions from the customers you refer to Kinsta.

Below is the one time commission you will be earning on top of the lifetime commissions:

Income received

One-time commission

Less than $50


$50 – $99.99


$100 – $165.99


$166 – $999.99


$1,000 or higher


To join the program,follow this link

  • Cloudways

Cloudways pays commissions of $50 to $125 per sale.The company is one of the best web hosting providers to promote.

To sign up for the program,follow this link:

  • MilesWeb

You will earn up to ₹5000/- per Referral. When you register for our web hosting affiliate program, you will receive an immediate signup bonus of ₹1000. With commissions ranging from ₹1000 to ₹5000 per referral, get a fixed commission with every sale made and multiply your earnings.

Get your Money in your bank account every time when your balance reaches ₹2000

Here are the commissions paid

Signups Per Month

Commission Per Signup











Affiliate link:

  • Myglobalhost

Sign-up bonus

Get a FREE signup bonus of ₹500 immediately as you join as for our web hosting affiliate program.

Easy Withdrawals

Get your Money in your bank account / UPI every time when your balance reaches ₹1,000 or more.

Below are the commissions earned by affiliates

Sales Per Month

Commission Per Sale





101 onwards


Website link: