How to Choose the Best Website Hosting Company


Before choosing a website hosting company, how will you know it’s the best? Web hosting is the most important aspect of blogging, if you choose the right hosting company, your website will grow exponentially but if you make the wrong decision, you may end up in frustrations. Of course many bloggers will review various hosting companies with each of them providing the good side of the companies, but eventually, your own experience will show the true picture of a company.

Here is how to choose the best website hosting company:

Check whether the company has refund policy

A bad website hosting company don’t provide option for refund, once a client pays, the money is gone. However, good website hosting companies provide 30-60 days money back guarantee policy where clients are given the opportunity to request for refund within that specified period if they aren’t satisfied with the services. One such hosting company is Bluehost, it provides 30-day money back guarantee, sometimes up to 60 days when they are offering promotions,click here to learn more about Bluehost

When there is money back guarantee policy, a client will join the company with confident.

Reviews and comments from existing customers

Do through research to know how existing customers comment about the hosting company. The best place to check is the hosting firm’s Facebook page—see the reactions of followers. You can also check comments on, Twitter and blogs that review website hosting products. If there are so many negative comments, then it means that company is not good.

Who the company is hosting (type of clients)

Checking the type of clients being hosted by the company will also give you a clue regarding the quality of services you would get.A good hosting company must have small, medium and big clients. Every hosting company reveals the type of clients in their websites, if there is one that does not have the names, make sure you contact its customer service and ask for the names.

Viral websites always go for the best website hosting companies. For instance, almost all WordPress blogs with more than 500,000 visitors per month are hosted by Kinsta.The company has even listed some of the big names who have chosen them over other hosting companies. If you want to know about the clients,click on this link to visit Kinsta website

Majority of the blogs that get over 1 million page views per month are hosted by Kinsta.

Types of hosting plans offered by the company

A good hosting company must provide space for different kind of websites. The most common hosting plans are:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Managed WordPress Hosting
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
  5. Dedicated Server Hosting
  6. Reseller Hosting

The company must have at least 3/4 of the types of hosting listed above. This is to ensure that clients don’t get frustrated when their blogs start attracting millions of visitors.

Cloud Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting are totally different from other hosting segments. In case you come across a company with Managed WordPress hosting like Kinsta, choose that company because their servers are so good.

Customer Support

It’s irritating when you contact a company, wait for two weeks for them to respond. Before selecting a particular hosting company, try to contact them on Facebook, email or live chat. If you discover that they take time to respond, don’t dare to join that company.

Customer support is extremely important for bloggers, it’s something you should take very serious because you will need your hosting company to sort various issues regularly, even in the middle of the night.

No hidden costs

The figure quoted on the website should not change. Shockingly, some hosting company will keep increasing hosting costs until it becomes unbearable for clients. Some even deliberately slow down their servers to force clients to upgrade to more expensive hosting plans.

You should carefully consult on this, ask some existing clients whether there are other costs apart from the one indicated on the website.

Additional free services

The best hosting companies offer additional services and features like, free SSL certificate, free migration and free malware removal. These features may not look so important at first but when you face a challenge that needs them, you’ll appreciate the features.

  • Age and rank of the hosting company

Never make a mistake to be among the first clients of a new hosting company, it might sink with your site. Go for mighty hosting companies like Bluehost, which host millions of websites. New companies have not been tested, you will join them as an experiment.