How to Get Traffic to a New Blog


Creating a new website is easy but getting people to read your content is the major challenge. For three to six month after creating a website, you can easily give up on blogging because traffic will be too low. However, there are many ways of getting new traffic instead of waiting for the blog to grow organically.

It’s not easy to get traffic to a new site unless your content is extremely good and in a less competitive niche. For those in a crowded niche, here is how to get traffic to your new blog.

  • Share each of your articles on your social media pages

Social media is an important platform for new bloggers. Every time a blogger creates a site, they have to share their few articles on Facebook for traffic. Twitter and Instagram are also important.

But never forget that when you share on pages you don’t own, your content might be treated as spam. It’s important that you only share on pages you own to avoid being blocked by Facebook.

  • Sponsor your articles on Facebook

You should also sponsor a couple of your articles especially when you believe that a particular article will attract more readers. You’ll spend as low as $5 to sponsor an article on Facebook. By doing so, you’ll alert relevant readers that your blog exists, some of them will keep on visiting your website even when the period of sponsorship elapses.

  • Guest Posting

There are several sites that allow guest posting, like Medium. Create an interesting article with irresistible headline, send it to popular websites as a guest post. The article must contain a link for your website domain. By doing so, a couple of the readers will click on the link that directs them to your site.

  • Email marketing

Use email marketing to alert your friends, family members, workmates and anyone you have their emails. Some email marketing tools will keep on collecting emails from your readers. Whenever you share information to your email subscribers, the more you gain new readers. Those who find your content interesting will share with their acquaintances. Eventually, you’ll get traffic. The best email marketing tool to use is GetResponse.This tool offers 30-day free trial for new bloggers and marketers. To register for GetResponse,click on this link

  • Use Long-Tail Keywords

Long-Tail keywords will help your articles to rank on page one of Google, which will provide organic traffic. A number of new bloggers don’t know how long-tail keywords work, I will introduce a tool that will help you to search for the correct long-tail keywords for your articles, the tool is SEMrush. The tool is provided for free for one full month. To register and start using it,click on this link

When the titles are structured well, there are all possibilities that they will rank better on search engines. The most important thing is to rank on page one where visitors will click and land on your website.

  • Obtain back links through sponsored content

Identify popular sites in your niche which accept sponsored content, pay them as low as $10 to post your articles. Your blog will not only get back links but also gain authority and new traffic. The more backlinks your site gets, the more it becomes the authority.

  • Create unique, original and fresh content

Content is king, without good content, your blog won’t get substantial traffic. Make sure that all the articles you post are original and unique such that whoever visits your site will return to check on more articles. Google will also rank your articles better if they are original and unique. Moreover, your blog should always have fresh content.

Plagiarized content is rarely indexed by Google, which is why you should always focus on producing original content.

  • Use SEO optimized WordPress Theme

Your theme should be optimized for SEO…avoid using free themes. If you want to get traffic, themes like Newspaper will do magic for you. The themes are found at ThemeForest.To see the list of available themes,click on this link

Premium themes will help your content rank better, thus increasing the chances of get majority of the online searches into your blog.

After implementing those techniques, you’ll start witnessing steady rise in traffic numbers.