Cost of Hosting a Blog in India


The cost of hosting a blog in India per year range between $40 and $500 depending on the traffic numbers of a website and the resources they utilize. For new blogs, the cost is roughly $40 per year while high traffic websites cost at least $500 to host per year. In this article I will take you through where to host your website cheaply in India and how to host it.

If your blog receives 0-1 million visitors per month, there are specific popular hosting company Indian bloggers use. One of them is Bluehost.Bluehost has several types of hosting and it currently hosts 2.3 million websites,click here to visit Bluehost website

For new blogs, shared hosting plans are the best, they cost as little as $3.95 per month. To start hosting,click on this link to visit Bluehost website, select hosting and click on Shared Hosting. Select Basic hosting and proceed to pay.

When your site grows to start receiving more than 1 million monthly views, upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Server hosting. You will pay at least $50 per month for dedicated server hosting.

Bluehost also has excellent WordPress Hosting for viral websites which cost as low as $3.95 per month.

More than 50,000 Indian websites are hosted at Bluehost.

A2 Hosting is also another popular hosting company among India bloggers—it’s the best for beginners. Shared hosting plan costs from $2.99 per month. The company also provides servers for high traffic WordPress websites where clients pay as high as $200 per month for hosting. But for new blogs,click on this link to select Shared Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is ideal for bloggers who would like their websites to grow without interruptions. Blogs like Shoutmeloud are hosted by Kinsta.This is a hosting company for small, medium and high traffic WordPress blogs—even all my blogs are hosted by Kinsta.The cost of hosting at Kinsta is $30 and above. I would advise any serious blogger to choose kinsta anytime everytime.To learn more about Kinsta,click on this link

 Since traffic is directly correlated to the resources used by a site,we will estimate the cost of hosting a blog in India based on traffic numbers.

0-20,000 page views per month—$40 per year

20,000-100,000 page views per month–$70 per year

100,000-500,000 page views per month—$200 per year

500,000-1 million page views per month—-$400 per year

1 million to 3 million page views per month—$1000 per year

3 million to 10 million page views per month—$3,000 per year

Over 10 million page views per month—$5,000 and above per year

To minimize the cost of hosting, you should use a light premium WordPress theme ,you can get one from ThemeForest,click on this link to visit Themeforest .You should also use light images on your posts, ensure that none of the images is heavier than 200kb.Your website should also have less banner advertisements—4 banners are enough. Use less plugins on your website—only the necessary ones should be used.