How to Reduce Web Hosting Costs by 50%


Web hosting is one of the most important aspect of blogging. The costs of hosting can be so high that it makes one hard for you to host your site. But the good thing is that you can reduce hosting costs by up to 50% by doing this:

  • Shift to a cheaper hosting provider

The type of web hosting will determine what you pay every month. If your site does not consume a lot of resources, it’s good that you shift to a cheaper company. Most bloggers nowadays prefer Bluehost over other hosting companies because it’s relatively cheap. To get started,click here to visit Bluehost website

If you are currently spending $100 monthly on hosting, shifting to Bluehost will significantly reduce the costs to less than $50.

  • Reduce the size of photos for your blog posts

Another way of reducing web hosting costs is by reducing the size of photos you use on your blog posts. Make sure that none of the photos is more than 300kbs.You can use snipping tool to reduce the size or Photoshop if you wish.

Heavy photos utilize more bandwidth. When you exhaust the bandwidth, the hosting company will contact you to buy more.

  • Use light WordPress theme

Another way of reducing the money you pay for hosting is by using a light WordPress theme. You should also avoid using a free theme because most of them are not coded well. If you want the best themes, get them from Themeforest for as little as $10.Some of the best themes include: Soledad, Newspaper and Newsmag—all are available at Themeforest. To see the full list of themes,click on this link

Premium themes can reduce the cost of host by over 75%.

  • Reduce The Number of plugins on your blog

Too many plugins will slow your blog, thus utilizing more resources. Always delete plugins which are not necessary. An ideal blog should not have more than 10 plugins.

If possible, buy themes that come with own plugins especially for social media.