Cost of Web Hosting in Kenya for Blogs and Websites 2021


The cost of web hosting in Kenya averages Ksh2,000 per year. However, there are companies which charge Ksh500 and others up to Ksh100,000 depending on the size of your website. But if your website/blog is new, you are not supposed to spend more than Ksh5,000 per year on hosting.

For blogs receiving 100,000 to 1000,000 visitors per month, they spend between Ksh 2,000 and Ksh 30,000 per year. Those receiving above 1000,000 visitors per month spend more than Ksh50,000 per year on hosting.

  • Cost of hosting new blogs /websites in Kenya

The cost of hosting new blogs in Kenya is Ksh1,000 to Ksh5,000. Majority of websites in Kenya are hosted by Kenya Website Experts, HostPinnacle and Bluehost.

Kenya Website Experts charge Ksh2,100 per year to host a new website. If you want to host your website here,click on this link

HostPinnacle charges Ksh1,500 to Ksh3,000 per year to host a new website/blog.Most people prefer HostPinnacle over Kenya Website Experts because it’s cheaper.If you have a website that’s not so busy,I suggest HostPinnacle for you.To learn more about the hosting company,click here to visit their website

If you own a website which you believe will grow to become viral one day, I will highly recommend Bluehost.This is an established company which hosts more than 2.2 million websites. It’s also a secure web hosting company.Bluehost will charge you Ksh4,200 per year to host your website and you will be sure that it won’t be hacked.To select Bluehost,click here and create a free account

You should select Shared Hosting plan which costs Ksh395 per month. Later when your site becomes viral, upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Server.

  • Cost of hosting a small company or an institution website

When you own a company, you need a web hosting provider that will not leak information. Bluehost or A2 Hosting are the two hosting companies I will recommend. I am also hosting some of my blogs at A2 and Bluehost and they haven’t disappointed me.

Bluehost is cheap and reliable. To learn more about Bluehost,click on this link

A2 Hosting is equally cheap and reliable.

A2 Hosting is also reliable and cheap. To host your website here, you’ll pay as low as Ksh3,000 per year.The good thing is that you won’t get issues with the company because they are very professional. To visit A2 Hosting website,click here

Cost of Hosting popular/viral websites in Kenya 2021(over 1 million monthly page views)

If your website receives over 1 million page views per month, please avoid Kenyan web hosting companies because they don’t have powerful servers.I will recommend Dedicated Server provided by Bluehost or Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting.You will spend from Ksh5,000 per month if you join Bluehost.To learn more about Dedicated Server Hosting by Bluehost,follow this link

If your website receives frequent traffic spikes,I will recommend Kinsta.You will pay from Ksh 3,000 per month for hosting.Kinsta servers can sustain millions of visitors per day.To join Kinsta,click on this link


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