Cost of hosting a WordPress website in USA 2021


The cost of hosting a WordPress Website in USA in 2021 vary depending on the amount of traffic a website receives and the resources consumed by the website. A website can cost as low as $3 and as high as $3000 per month. But a normal website will cost $50 per year to host in USA.

In this article, we shall provide estimated costs based on traffic numbers and the amount of money top web hosting companies charge for hosting websites in their platforms.

Based on monthly page views, here is the estimated amount to pay for hosting your website per year in USA

0-50,000 page views–$20 per year

100,000 page views—$50 per year

500,000 page views—$200 per year

1 million page views—$500 per year

5 million page views—$2,000 per year

10 million page views—$4,500 per year

Tops web hosting companies in USA for WordPress Hosting per year

  1. Bluehost ($2.95 to $49.95),Click here to visit website
  2. A2 Hosting($2.99 to $47.99),visit website here
  3. Kinsta WordPress Hosting($30 to $1,500),Visit website here
  4. Flywheel($13 to $242),visit website here
  5. Accu Webhosting(Free to $549),visit website here
  6. Dreamhost($2.59 to $27.50)
  7. HostGator($5.95 to $9.95)
  8. GoDaddy($4.00 to $14.00)

If your site is small,start with the cheapest package and upgrade later when your site gets enough traffic.The most recommended web hosting company for small,medium and large websites is Bluehost.Pay as little as $2.95 to host your website at the company,visit them via this link to create a free account