Web Hosting Companies in Canada 2021


There are more than 20 web hosting companies in Canada which host local and international websites. There are also companies outside Canada which are preferred by local website owners, like Bluehost,click here to see prices.In this artice,we will emphasize only on hosting companies within Canada.

Here is a list of available web hosting companies in Canada 2021:

  • Web Hosting Canada

Website link: https://whc.ca/en

  • HostPapa

Website link: https://www.hostpapa.ca/

  • Canadian Web Hosting

Website link: https://www.canadianwebhosting.com/hosting/shared_hosting

  • Cirrus Hosting

Website link: https://www.cirrushosting.com/canadian-web-hosting.html

  • Canspace Solutions

Website link: https://www.canspace.ca/web-hosting.html

  • Dinamic Hosting

Website link: https://www.dynamichosting.ca/

  • Hosting Canada

Website link: https://hosting.ca/

  • Blacksun

Website link: https://blacksun.ca/

  • Ionos

Website link: https://www.ionos.ca/hosting/cheap-web-hosting

  • Canada Host

Website link: https://www.canadahost.ca/

  • Host Utopia

Website link: https://hostutopia.com/web-hosting/cpanel-hosting-canada/

  • Aborg Hosting

Website link: https://www.aborghosting.com/ottawa-web-hosting/shared-hosting/

  • Websavers

Website link: https://websavers.ca/shared-web-hosting

  • Stormweb

Website link: https://stormweb.ca/

  • Fullhost

Website link: https://www.fullhost.com/

  • OVHcloud

Website link: https://www.ovhcloud.com/en-ca/web-hosting/web-hosting-canada/

  • WebsiteRoof

Website link: https://websiteroof.com/

  • Bluebird Hosting

Website link: https://www.bluebirdhosting.ca/