Is Kinsta a good hosting company?


Kinsta is a good web hosting company especially for high traffic websites. Over time, many and many website owners have migrated their sites from other hosting companies to Kinsta over quality of hosting. I am one of the many bloggers who migrated to Kinsta and never looked back—the big event happened in 2015.Before then, I would wake up only to find that my site was off—on several occasions, when I contacted the hosting company by then, they never responded. In a month, my sites were offline upwards of 5 times. One day I said enough is enough and decided to move them sites to Kinsta.

This is what has so far excited me since joining Kinsta

—Excellent customer service

—Flexible payment terms. Sometimes they give me up to 2 weeks to pay for hosting after the deadline.

—Free migration. They never charged me any money when moving my sites to their servers.

—No hidden charges

—My websites load extremely fast.

—Upward scaling of resources.

—I can move from one plan to another monthly based on the amount of traffic received by my websites.

—Free SSL and CDN

—30-day money-back guarantee

—Enough storage capacity

—They don’t suspend my site when it consumes more resources than the allocated.

To learn more about Kinsta,click here to visit their website

In case you wish to know about their prices, below is a brief summary (Kinsta pricing)

  1. Starter–$30 per month
  2. Pro–$60 per month
  3. Business 1—$100 per month
  4. Business 2—$200 per month
  5. Business 3–$300 per month
  6. Business 4—$400 per month
  7. Enterprise 1—$600 per month
  8. Enterprise 2—$900 per month
  9. Enterprise 3—$1,200 per month
  10. Enterprise 4—$1,500 per month

See all features here

One secret I should reveal to you is that if your monthly income is not more than $30, don’t host your site with Kinsta.But for those with high traffic volumes, Kinsta is the most ideal web hosting company for them.

To start hosting, visit Kinsta website, create a free account, choose your preferred plan and pay through VISA or MasterCard. Here is the link to follow and create an account,register here


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