Kinsta Affiliate Review


Kinsta offers very competitive commissions to affiliates. The commissions range between $50 and $500 after every signup based on the type of plan you refer. The percentage commission is 10% and it’s recurring(click here to register for the affiliate program)

Here are the key features of Kinsta affiliate program

—You earn $50 to $500 after every signup based on the type of plan you refer.

— provide 60-day tracking cookies to ensure you get credited for the sale.

—Your earnings are paid in a 60-day conversion window.

—Payment via PayPal

—Minimum payment threshold $50

—You get 10% monthly recurring commissions

To register for the affiliate program,click on this link and visit the company’s website

You expect to win the following amounts from each customer you refer:

  1. Starter plan—up to $50
  2. Pro Plan—up to $100
  3. Business Plan—up to $150
  4. Enterprise plan—up to $500

Imagine you refer a customer to Enterprise 4 plan that costs $1500 per month, you’ll earn minimum of $150 per month.

Kinsta is a heavy traffic web hosting company and among the best Managed WordPress Hosting companies in the world. You’ll easily register sales because of Kinsta’s good reputation.

For me, I prefer hosting companies with recurring income. Since Kinsta provides this arrangement, I comfortably promote their services. I also host my websites with Kinsta and it has served me perfectly, which is why it’s easy to market them.

Even if you aren’t using Kinsta’s services, you can still promote it and earn commissions.