Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya for Small businesses


If you are just starting a small business or you own a small business that require cheap web hosting services, there are a few hosting companies which are best known for hosting such businesses. With a company which does not have a busy website, you’ll spend less than Ksh 5,000 per year for hosting.

Web hosting is important for any business because if your website goes offline, you’ll miss several clients especially those who come to the website to order items or those getting contacts directly from your website.

A good web hosting company should be cheap, reliable and with excellent customer support. Below is a list of the best companies to host your business website with.

  • Bluehost

More than 1,000 Kenyan companies are hosted by Bluehost.The best thing about this site is that it will not only host small business websites but high traffic blogs. When your site grows beyond Shared hosting, you will upgrade to VIP or Dedicated Server hosting. To host your blog at Bluehost,click on this link to visit their website

  • Truehost Kenya

There is a big difference between Truehost and Bluehost.Truehost has offices in Kenya but Bluehost does not have. Some companies prefer Truehost because it offers free hosting for new websites for one month.Under Bronze hosting,you’ll spend Ksh30 only per month. To join Truehost,click on this link and see prices

Truehost is a very reliable hosting company. It offers different types of package that suite your need.

  • Kenya Website Experts

This is the company I have been hosting with since 2013 and it’s the best in Kenya. Of course we have listed two companies above but none comes closer to Kenya Website Experts. If you want the best hosting company with zero downtime and high level off efficiency, then choose Kenya Website Experts. You will be paying Ksh 2,100 per year and get assured of the best services. To create a free account,click here and visit their website

  • HostPinnacle

Another good hosting company for small company websites in Kenya is HostPinnacle.You’ll pay Ksh 1,999 only per year and your website will be in good hands. I have never heard customers complain of this company. To get their services,follow this link and visit HostPinnacle website

All these hosting companies will allow you to register new domain names at their platforms. I am sure for the time you are hosting your website, you won’t experience any technical issue.