Can Kinsta Handle more than 3 million visitors per month?


One Kinsta website, the highest amount of traffic the plans can handle per site is 3 million per month. However, Kinsta servers can handle over 3 million visitors per month. If you have a site that gets over 3 million visitors every month, don’t worry, Kinsta will handle that. I can prove this through my own experience when one of my sites was getting over 20 million visitors every month, the servers didn’t disappoint—but I paid over $1000 every month.

The package which accept 3 million visits per month is known as Enterprise 4, it costs $1,500 per month. This is a plan for heavy traffic sites only. Even if your site gets over 3 million views, the plan will handle that traffic. To know the details of this plan,click on this link

There is a package for agencies and enterprise clients, that’s the one that can handle even 100 million visitors per month. To get into this plan, you have to contact Kinsta so that they can set the servers according to your demaind.Click here to contact Kinsta

If you have a WordPress site with heavy traffic, migrate it to Kinsta. The hosting company provides packages for as low as 1,000 visitors to 3 million visitors per month. There are also advanced packages for more than 3 million visitors.