How to Get Millions of Traffic to your website


Many bloggers are advised to use SEO tools if they want to get millions of traffic to their website, which is not the best advice. Though the tools can help to some extent, they won’t help someone if the blog does not have good content. It’s therefore important to know that content is the one that will make you attract millions of traffic to your blog.

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Here are techniques to employ if you want to get millions of visitors to your site.

  • Create good content

Your content should good such that those visitors to your site will return again and again. Without good content, people will be visiting your site only ones.

  • Post articles daily, Target 10,000 articles

Ensure that you post at least one article per day. Your ultimate target should be to post at least 10,000 articles. Assuming that each article gets 10 views per day, then you’ll be getting 100,000 views per day which translate to 3 million views per month.

  • Focus on keywords

There are specific words which attract millions of searches online, those are the ones you should target. Even as you create content for those keywords, you should ensure you answer questions asked by the long-tail keywords.

If your articles appear top of Google search results, then you’re assured of getting the most traffic from Google.

  • Share your content on social media

Another important step to take is to share your content on social media. Create pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which you’ll use to promote your blog. Traffic from social media is as important as traffic from Google.

With at least 100,000 followers on each social media handle, you’ll never lack 10,000 social media traffic daily, that’s after sharing your content on social media.

  • Choose the right niche

There are some niches which won’t attract millions of traffic even if you post thousands of articles. Make sure you do enough research to determine which niche gets more searches online. Some of the best niches are: News, entertainment, gossip, sports, health, education, jobs and business.