Kinsta Pricing 2022


Kinsta has several plans which are priced based on amount of traffic to be allocated to websites. In 2022 the cheapest price at the company is $30 per month and it comes with 25,000 monthly visits. For high traffic websites, there are specific plans which are dedicated for them, one of them being enterprise which costs $1500 per month and 3,000,000 visits per month.

 The prices have not changed much for the past 2 years…you can follow this link and see actual prices on Kinsa website

Below are the prices of Kinsta plans for the year 2022:

Starter –$30 per month

Pro–$60 per month

Business 1—$100 per month

Business 2—$200 per month

Business 3—$300 per month

Business 4—$400 per month

Enterprise 1–$600 per month

Enterprise 2—$900 per month

Enterprise 3—$1200 per month

Enterprise 4—$1500 per month

There is also a package for agencies. Blogs which get over 3 million visits per month are the ones required to be hosted by this plan.

If you have a WordPress website you wish to host at Kinsta, don’t hesitate,click here and choose one of the plans

Since pricing depends on the number of visitors blogs attract,below are the number of visitors each of the plans can sustain:

Starter –25,000 visits per month

Pro—50,000 visits per month

Business 1—100 ,000 visits per month

Business 2—250,000 visits per month

Business 3—400,000 visits per month

Business 4—600,000 visits per month

Enterprise 1—1000,000 visits per month

Enterprise 2—1,500,000 visits  per month

Enterprise 3—2,000,000 visits per month

Enterprise 4—3000,000 visits  per month

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