15 Best SEO tools in 2022


Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) is a digital marketing tool that assists businesses in achieving a competitive advantage in the market. The challenge of using SEO is that it requires organization workers to operate the tool. SEO assists organizations in performing competitive research, audit websites, and exerting research on keywords. The majority of the SEO tools in the market require monthly subscription making their operations expensive for the upcoming industries. Therefore, organizations should adopt the desirable SEO tool best on the task they desire to undertake. The article highlights the most used and recommended SEO tools that increase business performance.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush ranks top among the preferable SEO tools in the global market. An organization that seeks to outshine its competitor in the market should apply the tool to analyze and evaluate content. SEMrush constitutes keywords search and top-performing pages, and this assists eCommerce entrepreneurs and website owners in monitoring market rivals. There also exists a robust metric that highlights SEO strategies effective in business. Therefore, the tool is preferably used by upcoming businesses and medium-sized companies. The services offered by the tool include traffic analytics, product listing ads, advertising research, and organic research. The price of acquiring SEMrush depends on the subscription package. There are two packages: Pro plan, Guru plan, and Business plan. The monthly subscription of the business plan is $399.95, the Guru plan is $199.95, and the Pro plan is $99.95. The SEMrush tool’s challenge is that it is difficult to operate and post inaccurate data for backlinks and advertisement services.

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2. Serpstat

Serpstat offers digitized marketing solutions to users. The tool offers numerous services ranging from content marketing campaigns, running of ads, and optimization of the tool. The key features of the Serpstat tool are Site Audit, Backlink Analysis, Keyword Research, and Website Analysis. The subscription for Serpstat is in four plans: Lite plan, Standard plan, Advanced plan, and Enterprise plan. A user can either opt for a monthly or yearly subscription. The tool also provides users with a 30-day free trial after which one gets to choose the Lite plan, which costs $69, or the other three plans mentioned above. Serpstat has the power to track universal search results and the budget of your market rival. The challenges of operating the tool are that it sometimes provides inaccurate keywords and is slow when handling heavy websites.

3. Authority Labs

 Authority Labs is widely used to increase performance and outshine business rivals. The tool consists of a user-friendly interface that is easy to manage and operate. Authority Labs is significant since it provides a tracking feature with its multiple sites. The users of Authority Labs seek to determine strategies and campaigns used by rival firms, thereby enhancing competitive advantage. The tool has numerous features, including global tracking, keyword targeting, a 30-day free trial, and daily reporting. The payment packages for the tool are the Plus plan, Pro plan, Pro Plus plan, and Enterprise plan. The monthly subscription discourages using credit cards, with the Plus plan costing $49. The challenge of operating Authority Labs is that it sorts keywords in alphabetic order, which delays information tracking.

4. Sitechecker

Sitechecker tool offers users a deep analysis of an organization’s operations. The developers of the tool have made numerous improvements, making it simple to operate. The user is required to input the website URL and analyze the information. The tool scans website URLs and provides rankings, backlinks, and traffic findings. Sitechecker consists of numerous features, including website Traffic Check, On-Page SEO audits, and Website Change monitoring. Organizations seeking to use the tool pay a monthly subscription depending on the package plan. Three payment packages range from startup, growing, and business. The startup plan is the most affordable, and it goes for $29 and allows a user to monitor up to 5 websites at a go. The challenge of the tool is the disparity of monthly subscriptions on the three plans.

5. GrowthBar

Growth Bar SEO is the most straightforward tool available in the business world. It offers users Google Ads data, competition backlinks, and keyword results in an organization. Also, it has a unique feature of free Chrome Extension and quickly generates blog content. The presence of robust data sets and a simple user interface has made the tool popular among organizations. The tool is used by freelancers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs across the globe. The more prominent organizations that utilize the GrowthBar SEO tool include Teepublic, Spekit, Square, MagicJack, and Minted. The tool is built by Open AI and provides desirable results and recommendations to users. Using the GrowthBar tool requires organizations to apply for a monthly subscription of $29. The tool is advantageous for organizations since it is considered relatively cheap. The challenges experienced when using the GrowthBar tool are that it lacks audit features, historical tracking of data, and technical metrics.

6. LinkMiner

The SEO tool acts as a backlink checker. Most business Mongols have opted for the LinkMiner tool since it provides efficiency in operations. Also, the tool offers a variety of information on Moz, backlinks from Ahrefs, Facebook likes, and DA. The features that make LinkMiner unique are that it consists of Advanced Backlink Analysis, Link Strength, and Powerful Backlinks. In addition, the tool provides users with a 10-day trial, after which one gets to opt for a monthly plan that ranges from $29 – $79. The advantage of using the tool is that it enables a company to mine its competitor’s website and analyze the data for market competition. The disadvantage of operating the tool is that it requires skills and knowledge in the technological world. It also discourages newcomers, displaying inaccurate information when assessing the backlinks power button.

7. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking tool is preferable for workers operating an organization’s activities in a teamwork environment. The tool has the capability of tracking keywords of large volume. Also, it is unique as it operates in more than 170 countries with the aid of social media platforms. Advanced Web Ranking is majorly used in in-house and agencies teams. The tool assists agencies in taking deep competitor analysis ranging from new rival companies’ discoveries, estimated visits, and market share. The plans for Advanced Web Ranking payment are four, including a starter, pro, agency, and enterprise. Organizations can take monthly subscriptions of starter plans, which rates $49, while the most expensive is an enterprise plan costing $499. The challenge of using the tool is the lack of a link-building module. In addition, it is time-consuming to run a large volume of keywords since the tool focuses on the accuracy of research.

8. Ahrefs

Ahrefs tool constitutes an excellent user interface program compared to other SEO tools. The tool consists of the second-fastest web crawler that ensures tasks are undertaken efficiently. The significant uses of the tool are keyword research, URL rankings, Competitive Analysis, and backlink audits. Also, it consists of a keyword explorer tool that efficiently suggests words a user desires to type, thereby enhancing its competitive nature. Ahrefs tool offers users a 7-day trial pricing at $7. After which, one can take a monthly subscription ranging from $99 – $999. The challenge of using Ahrefs tool is that it lacks automated client-facing reports for individuals operating agencies.

9. SEOptimer

SEOptimer is a popular tool among users as it consists of auditing features. Companies market content to the end-users, thereby positively impacting their revenue generation. In addition, users can apply page ranking services. The tool is appropriate for newcomers in the technological world. SEOptimer has the capability of performing off-page link building and on-page optimization roles. The features of SEOptimer are SEO Audit API, SEO Crawler, Embeddable Audit, and White Label SEO Audit. SEOptimer subscription plans are DIY SEO, White Label, and Embedding. The tool users get to pay $19 monthly for the DIY SEO plan, $59 for the Embedding plan, and $29 for the White Label plan. Users of the tool receive a 14-day free trial, after which they get to pay for either of the three subscription plans. The challenge of using the tool is that it lacks a mobile application.

10. SEObility

The tool comes in hand with SEO optimization. The feature makes it attractive and influential in the market. SEObility consists of daily updates to enhance the accuracy of research. It also operates as a software feature that enables the tool to monitor online websites. As a result, SEObility aids in monitoring broken links and duplicated content in websites, thereby enhancing efficiency in operations. The tool’s key features are Email reporting and PDF Exports, Competitors Comparison, Local Search Results, and Rank Tracking. The subscription program of SEObility tool is the Basic plan, Premium plan, and Agency plan. The basic plan is free for users, while the premium plan offers a 30-day free trial, after which users are expected to pay $30. The Agency plan provides numerous features, costing a $200 monthly subscription.

11. Long Tail Pro.

The tool offers the users keyword research services. Long Tail Pro specializes in keyword research and can efficiently be run by beginners. It provides services in whatever niche one chooses, enabling users to achieve the desired output. The tool effectively handles bulk research in an accurate and quick manner. Long Tail Pro’s key features include creating multiple projects, importing, and exporting. The tool is used to generate long-tail keywords. The price of the tool is dependable on the selected subscription plan. There are three types of plans: Starter plan, Pro Plan, and Agency plan. The starter plan is affordable and goes for $25, while the agency plan is the most expensive rating at $98. The disadvantages of using the Long Tail Pro tool are limited manual and seed keywords. Besides, it does not have the features of analyzing backlinks.

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12. SEOquake

The tool is regarded as the most powerful among the available SEO tools in the market. SEOquake achieves the comparison since it performs quick and quality content marketing. It provides detailed website information for the users, facilitating competitors’ research. Also, it offers numerous SEO metrics since it consists of the browser plugin. The metrics provided by SEOquake are SEMrush rank, Domain age, Google rank, Alexa rank, and Number of external links. The tools’ key features are Print and Export, Keyword Analysis, SERP Overlap, and SEO Bar. The cost of operating SEOquake is free, making it a popular SEO tool. The disadvantage of the tool is that it consists of high-level parameters, which are challenging for use by newcomers. The tool has experienced minimal advancement since it is free in the market.

13. Google Search Console

Google Search Console tool is efficient for users seeking to elevate their websites. Users utilize the tool to measure website search traffic and resolve evolving issues. Also, the tool provides an organization with suggestions and multiple data points towards attaining a competitive advantage. The features of Google Search Console are Data Source, Control Center, and Communication Channel. Google Search Console SEO tool is essential as it provides security monitoring and Metadata testing. The price for accessing the tool is free, which explains why users flood it. The tool’s challenge is that it lacks features of unveiling competitors’ information. Google Search Console is free, and this has discouraged the efficient process of upgrading, leading to the omission of vital SEO functionalities

14. Moz

The tool is the most used in the global market. Moz provides users with several page optimization suggestions and industrial-standard metrics, which are scarce in the market. The key features of the Moz SEO tool include Site Audits, Backlink Analysis, Keyword Analysis, and Rank Tracking. Also, the tool provides users with a 30-day free trial, after which one is expected to pay a monthly subscription ranging from $99 – $599. The Moz tool’s challenge is that U.S users can only access metrics and data.

15. Pitchbox

The tool provides users with an all-in-one solution when operating a website. Pitchbox is embedded in the content marketing process to facilitate website reach by the audience. Users and companies seeking to market products online reach bloggers and influencers effectively on the websites. Organizations using the tool achieve efficient workflow through the building of links. The features of Pitchbox are Opportunity Detail Screen, Email Template, Product Review, and Campaigns. The prices of the Pitchbox monthly subscription vary based on the developers’ level of consultation. The challenge in prices rises whereby a team provides a demo to individuals using the tool and creates a disparity in pricing. Also, the challenge of using the tool is that it is considered expensive due to poor team structure determining the pricing method.