19 Hardest Degree Courses to study in Kenya



A total of 19 hardest courses to study in Kenya. Most of these courses are related to medicine, mathematics and engineering. If you are not good in sciences and mathematics, don’t choose them.

Here is the list of the hardest degree courses to study in Kenya:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
  2. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  3. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  4. Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology
  5. Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  6. Bachelor of Science in Statistics/Applied Statistics
  7. Bachelor of Technology in Computer and Electronic Systems
  8. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  9. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  10. Bachelor of Architecture
  11. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  12. Bachelor of Civil engineering
  13. Bachelor of Law
  14. Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering
  15. Bachelor of Physics
  16. Bachelor of Analytic Chemistry
  17. Bachelor of Science(Mathematics)
  18. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  19. Bachelor of Information Technology

For a degree in Law, you can comfortably graduate but the big task is in the Diploma in Law. You have to pursue Diploma in Law for you to be recognized as a lawyer. The pass rate is less than 50% every year.

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery is the hardest course, which is why it takes 6 years for one to qualify as a doctor. To pursue the course, you MUST score A in KCSE.The good thing is that the level of unemployment for these graduates is low.

Bachelor of Actuarial Science is as hard as Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery. Don’t apply to study this course if you are not good in mathematics. The least grade you should score in Mathematics should be A-.

Bachelor of Computer Science is very hard, very tough to even those who are good in programming. You must have passion for the course for you to complete it.

Bachelor of Pharmacy. This course may look easy but it’s very tough. An A in KCSE is required for you to pursue the course.

The courses listed above don’t need weak students. Because they are tough, universities place high entry grades for them.Most of the programs require A or A- grade in KCSE.

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