Comrades Flavour YouTube earnings per month 2023


Comrades Flavour is one of the most popular YouTube channels in Kenya. The channel which was created a couple of years ago now boasts of 300,000 followers. Comrades Flavour gets 5 million views per month which earns him Ksh 500,000 to Ksh 900,000 monthly.The owner was expelled from the University of Nairobi for participating in a strike and since he had nothing to do outside here, he decided to start a YouTube channel.

Comrades Flavour posts videos related to Loyalty Test, the channel gets an average of 50,000 views per video. In a day he pulls in up to 400,000 page views.

Last years he became popular after he came out that he was dating triplets. But later it was confirmed that the 4 were chasing clout. But the incident earned him over 50,000 followers.

The channel is gaining momentum and by the end of 2023,it would have earned over 400,000 followers which will generate for him upwards of Ksh1 million per month.