Highest Paying Careers in Ghana 2023


Here is the list of top 20 highest paying careers in Ghana 2023:

  1. Medical Doctors

This is among the highest paying professions in Ghana. Their average monthly earning range from GHS11,000-35000 depending with the professional experience.

  • Surgeons

They take care of patients by performing surgeries, a high risking job handling people’s lives. Their average monthly earning is GHS 10,200-28,500. One must have acquired a degree from an accredited institution in Ghana.

  • Entrepreneurs

They are responsible for inventing a product, starting a business that is whether big or small. They determine how much they earn according to the structure of their businesses, together with sales and profits. An average entrepreneur earns GHS6, 000 to millions.

  • Civil Engineering

Engineers across the field are on high demand in Ghana, i.e. the Mechanical, electrical and the civil engineers. Depending with one professional experience they earn GHS 7,000-22,000 in a month.

  • University Professor

Depending with their professional experience, a university professor earns an average of GHS 3500-10,600 in a month.

  • Entertainers

Examples of entertainers are actors, comedians etc. Their monthly earnings range from GHS 7,000 and above.

  • Operations managers

The operations managers’ salaries range from GHS 4,000-10,000 in a month. Some of their duties include hiring and training employees and managing quality assurance programs.

  • Geophysicist

The average salary of a Geophysicist range from GHS 4,000-13,100 in a month. They work in environmental agencies, water companies, construction firms etc.

  • Pilot

The salary of an experienced pilot ranges from GHS 3,000-8400 in a month. To become a professional in this field requires time because of the different stages that are required in this field. Enroll in a recognized aviation institution to acquire the necessary knowledge to fly flights.

  1. Investment Banker

They work in banks in various departments and their monthly earnings range from GHS 7,000-22,000 depending with one’s professional experience.

  1. Architect

It takes up to 10 years to become a licensed architect in Ghana, long enough but the gains are big. Their salary range from GHS 2,200-9,000 in a month.

  1. Lawyer

Their estimated monthly salaries range from GHS 5,500-20,000, depending to one’s experience in the profession. There are lawyers in different types of lawyers, just like in any other field, e.g. criminal lawyer, cooperate lawyer, employment lawyer etc.

  1. Computer Engineer

The salaries in this field range from GHS 2,000-8,000 in a month. It is a growing field in the country and the job market is expanding due to the increase in demand.

  1. Fuel Handler

The main skills for a fuel handler include customer service skills, dexterity and detail oriented. Their monthly salary range from GHS 3,000-12,000.

  1. Business Analyst

Some of their work is to systematically examine all business processes, departments and personnel to find any weak or ineffective methods, they then make comprehensive reference based on this information to help the company improve and be much competent. Their basic salary in a month range from GHS 4,000 -10,000.

  1. Chartered Accountant

Based on the professional experience a chartered accountant earns from GHS4000-8,000 highest. It takes 4years to gain a degree and practical experience to start operating professionally.

  1. Hotel Manager

Based on the professional experience over time the average hotel manager earns from GHS3,000-13400 highest. They run big hotels and ensure everything is running smoothly, in every department.

  1. Judges

They decide the fate of people cases represented to them in a court of law. A judge monthly earns an approximate of GHS 7,000.

  1. Petroleum Engineer

They work with oil companies in different sectors. Their monthly earnings range from GHS4,000 and above.

  • Journalist

The basic monthly earnings of a journalist in Ghana range from GHS 900 lowest to GHS 6000, depending with one’s professional experience.