Highest Paying Careers in Nigeria 2023


Which are the highest paying careers in Nigeria for the year 2023?Below we have sampled the list of highest paying careers in Nigeria this year, some paying even more than N2 million per month.

  1. Surgeons

Doctors especially surgeon’s monthly salary range from 630,000-2.5million Naira depending with the professional experience. Doctors are on high demand in Nigeria because of shortage in this field and also due to the fact that it takes longer to train doctors in school before they begin working on patients.

  • Lawyers

Lawyers are in demand in many ways, there are different sectors they serve in for example, they serve companies, government etc. Their monthly salary range from 150,000-1.5million Naira, depending with the professional experience. To be eligible to become a lawyer in Nigeria, one must acquire an LLB from a recognized university and advanced to Nigerian Law School and acquired Bachelor of Laws.

  • Petroleum Engineer

A petroleum engineer earns from 400,000 Naira and above, depending with the level of experience. One can acquire a bachelor’s degree in this career after 4yrs of study in a credited university in Nigeria with a completed K-12 standard of education in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

  • Bankers

Bankers work in banks in different positions e.g. marketing managers, financial managers etc. An average banker receives 80,000Naira to millions; anyone can become a banker by the virtue of being employed by the bank.

  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

Their salary range from 370,000-1.7million Naira with professional experience. A CEO is accountable for the success and failure of the whole organization. Their huge salary is due to the huge scope of influence as well as the risks involved.

  • Judges

Their salaries are a little lower compared to that of lawyers; however, they receive quite an amount. A judge’s salary range from 500,000-1.6million Naira depending with the professional experience. A Judge work is to decide people’s fate, those cases brought to his/her court in alignment with the law.

  • Pilots

Their entry level salary range from 200,000-500,000Naira, those with vast experience in the field earn up to 3million monthly. To become a pilot one must attend an accredited aviation school to professionally qualify to become a pilot.

  • Sailor

They work on giant ships, traveler boats and tankers, to become a professional in this field one must gain admission to acquire the necessary knowledge from Maritime Academy of Nigeria. The sailors salary range from 220,000-1.4million every month this depends with the professional experience.

  • Telecommunications Engineer

This is among the fast growing industries in Nigeria. To become a telecommunications engineer one must acquire a degree from an approved institution. Their salary range from 20,000-1.2million Naira.

  1. Pastors

This is one of the paying careers currently in Nigeria, with Mega churches all over. To become a professional minister, one can obtain a degree from an accredited theological school or any other accredited institution. Their salaries are usually in millions.

  1. Politician

This is probably the most paying job in Nigeria especially when an individual becomes one of those elected.  The job of the political office holder is to represent and serve the people who elected him/her to the office; it can be a president, vice president, governor etc. The earnings vary from the selected positions; however, the highest office elected is paid a salary of 14million Naira. Here is your chance to earn big if you are called to serve and represent the people politically.

  1. Military Officers

They serve the nation by protecting their people, country boundaries etc. They however do not include the police and other law enforcement agencies. It is broken down into ranks, the highest receiving a salary of 2million Naira monthly, while the least 150,000 Naira (monthly)

  1. Medical Doctor

The medical doctors have a choice to work in public health institutions, specialized hospitals etc. To qualify to be a medical doctor one must undergo 6 years course of training. They earn from 300,000-1.5million Naira in a month.

  1. Software Engineer

One must obtain a certificate in computer engineering to qualify as a software engineer. The monthly salary range from 250,000-1.6 million.

  1. Entertainment

This is one of the popular industries in the country at the moment which has grown big over time. The entertainment industry consists of comedians, actors, musicians etc. Their pay/salaries range from 600,000-1.2 million Naira.

  1. College Professors

They teach at the universities and colleges, to become a professor one requires commitment and consistency before attaining the title/certificates. This is a marketable career with a monthly salary ranging from 300,000-930,000 Naira.

  1. Marketing Directors

They are in charge of increasing revenues in companies/firms/organizations. Their salaries range from 200,000-700,000 Naira in a month.

  1. IT Analysts

They advance and put into place techniques that boost proficiency in order to offer technical support to IT users. The IT analyst oversees programmers, software developers etc. Their monthly salaries range from 176,000-500,000 Naira.

  1. Pharmacists

They specialize on the totality of the production of drugs up to its use and effects. To study pharmacy one must have at least acquired a B from any pharm accredited university. The salary in this field range from 150,000 Naira up to millions as one continues to grow.

  • Project Manager

This job incorporates all fields; it includes bringing together of resources so that the project in question is completed within the defined scope, quality time and cost. Their monthly pay range from 250,000 Naira to millions with time.