List of Jobs for Kenyans in the Middle East/Gulf and their salaries


Here is a list of jobs Kenyans go to do in Gulf/Middle East and how much they earn per month:

  1. Cleaners

The average salary paid to cleaners in Gulf is 53,975.80 – 89,959.66 Kenyan shillings. The cleaner may be assigned to clean the airport, companies etc.

  • Construction Workers

This job requires male workers and the salary range is the same with that of cleaners that is from 53,975.80 to 89,959.66 Kenyan shillings on a monthly basis.

  • Taxi Drivers

The average salary for a taxi driver is 112,773.43 Kenyan shillings and above. The people recruited in this work are mostly men.

  • Domestic workers

They include the house helps doing basic house chores mainly in the house. Their average salary is 53,975.80 and above.

  • Security Guards

The security’s guard average salary in the gulf, range from 125,942.14 Kenyan shillings and above.

  • Engineers

They are paid quite handsomely in the gulf, their salary range from 287,867.75 – 719,671.49 Kenyan shillings on a monthly basis, this depending with the professional experience and skills.

  • Track Drivers

This job requires the male species, and their salary range in a month is from 34,544.51 – 125,943.53 Kenyan shillings.

  • Sales Executives

They work for companies to generate sales and profits. The average salary of a sales executive is 107,951.60 to 179,919.79 Kenyan shillings in a month.

  • Nurses

The nurses average salary in Middle East is 249,617.32 Kenyan shillings and above. They are in charge of the patients and they also work closely with doctors.

  1. Delivery Motorbike Riders

The bike riders which consist of male in United Arabs Emirates earn 53,975.80 to 71,967.73 Kenyan shillings.

  1. Welders

Welders earn quite handsomely in the Middle East, at least 126,447.64 Kenyan shillings and above, depending with skills and one’s level of professionalism.

  1. Automotive jobs

They earn from 173,550.63 Kenyan shillings and above. An automotive technician deals with diagnosing vehicles problems and treating them.

  1. Waiters

They work in restaurants and clubs to serve customers, their average monthly salary range from 64,770.43 Kenyan shillings.

  1. Air Hostess

The average cabin crew worker receives a monthly salary range of 521,766.01 to 665,701.50 Kenyan shillings.

  1. Gardeners

They work especially in gardens to trim and maintain the beauty of plants trees, and outdoor grounds. The average salary of a gardener is 107,950.41 Kenyan shillings and above.

  1. Store Keepers

They keep record of sales and stocks; they also maintain the stores cleanliness. An average salary of a store keeper is 109,000 Kenyan shillings.

  1. Cooks

They work in homes, restaurants and high end hotels; an average cook/chef salary in the Middle East is 105,000 Kenyan shillings.

  1.  Teachers 5000-12000aed

The average salary of a professional teacher is 179,917 to 431,801 Kenyan shillings. Depending with the level of one’s professionalism.

  1.  Customer Service Representative

They listen and take care of customer’s need. They work in retail, wholesale shops and supermarkets. An average salary of a customer service representative is 196,433 Kenyan shillings.

  • Carpenters

Their average salary is 143,934.28 Kenyan shillings and above. They construct and install building frameworks, including doorframes, walls etc. They also make furniture, i.e. beds, chairs tables etc.