20 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada without a Degree


If you don’t have a degree, you’ll still secure a job that pays you well in Canada. Below is a list of highest paying jobs in Canada for people without a degree:

  1. Car sales man

They annually earn an average of C$ 49,500.  The work of a car sales man is to sell vehicles, greeting customers and taking them through the options available in the shop/showroom.

  1. Translator

The average salary of a translator is C$ 57,602 annually.  They help in converting of another language in audio and written form. They may be asked to convert information and be mediators to speakers of different languages.

  1. Receptionist

Their job is to warmly greet and welcome the visitors and perform other administrative tasks e.g. receiving office phone calls, directing visitors to the appropriate departments etc. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required.

  1. Miner

They earn an average of C$84,290 in a year. They work in underground environment, no degree is required but a high school diploma is typically required. There are also specific programs in college to help Canadians in this line of work.

  1. Truck Driver

They annually earn C$47,053 annually. This career is popular in Canada; they are required to have a legal driving license to legally operate.

  1. Construction Worker

They annually earn an average salary of C$40,950. They are responsible for handling building materials, operating heavy equipment etc. No degree qualification is required if one has a related work experience.

  1. Fire Fighter

They annually earn an approximate of C$61,828 annually. They play an important role of putting out fires in the community, rescuing people from fires etc. They require to be well built physically to withstand the water force. They require to have a high school diploma or equivalent.

  1. Cultural Heritage Manager

They work in parks at the agency of the federal government of Canada that manages all the national parks. They annually earn a salary of C$92,694 annually. They require a high school diploma only to operate.

  1. Construction Manager

They annually earn a salary of C$83,620 annually. Their work is to supervise and manage all aspects of construction projects, their duties range is broad. A degree is not necessary for this job, however some companies may require one for one to be employed.

  1. Welder

One only requires a high school diploma to do this job and some certifications if the company requires. The average salary is C$37,000 – 76,000 annually.

  1. District Records Clerk

They receive a salary of up to C$54,857 in a year. Their work is to maintain accurate records, gather data and drafting reports to ensure all information and documentation is updated.

  1. Automotive Technician/Mechanic

Their average salary annually is C$31,000 – 77,000 and it only requires a high school diploma to get this job. They fix cars and other automotive.

  1. Food Server

It only requires one to be good with people, especially handling customers. The average salary annually ranges from C$24,000 – 37,000.

  1. Plumber

They only require a high school diploma to get this job, however there are some provinces which require certification for it. They earn an average salary of about C$39,000 – 86,000 annually.

  1. Actor

This is a career worth trying if you have the talent and passion. There are fewer global stars while the rest are struggling; it requires a lot of patience. Their salary range from C$ 24,000 – 215,000 annually.

  1. Web Developer

Many of them have natural gift, and it can also be learned practically. While some companies require a degree others hire based on the gift. The annual salary is C$37,000 – 77,000 annually.

  1. Sommelier

They work at upscale restaurants and they are in charge of wine collection, meaning they monitor the state of wine cellar and work with chefs to prepare the proper wine pairing. Their average salary is C$30,000 – 69000 annually.

  1. Executive Chef

This line of workers requires someone who can handle long standing hours and a basic high school diploma. On average a chef earns a salary of about C$41,000 – 91,000 annually.

  1. Land Surveyor

They receive an average salary of C$40,000 – 95,000 annually. They only require a high school diploma, having an experience in the same is an added advantage.

  1. Realtor

Their average salary ranges from C$39,000 – 205,000 annually. One only needs a high school diploma to do this job, a real estate course and license to sell.