AdSense pay for 10,000 views


If you own a blog that monetize with AdSense, you will earn $10 to $50 for 10,000 views. The earnings will be dependent on Cost Per Click(CPC) and Cost per 1000 views. The two parameters also depend on niche, traffic sources and type of traffic your blog gets.

  1. Niche

Lowest paying niches include news, gossip and entertainment .If your blog is about these niches, you will earn as low as $10 per 10,000 views. Highest paying niches include: Web Hosting, making money online, loans, banking, personal finance, insurance, mortgages, health and cryptocurrency. Any of these niches will yield over $20 per 10,000 views.

  1. Geographical location of traffic

If your traffic is from Europe, USA or UAE, your blog will make more money than those getting traffic from Africa, India, Pakistan and Indonesia. Blogs getting 100% traffic from USA earns over $30 from 10,000 views.

It’s important to create content that attract traffic from Germany, UK, USA, France, Canada, Australia and UAE.

  1. Quality of traffic

Traffic from organic searches is better than from social media. A blog getting 100% traffic from organic searches will earn 50% more than a blog which gets 100% traffic from social media.

To get traffic from organic searches, you have to create high quality content with well-structured keywords that rank high on the web. Ensure most of the articles are placed on page one of Google and other search engines.

While considering those three factors, also consider ad placements .Always place ads inside your posts or above where they are visible. Bidding happens to ads in those places.

You should also have high level domain and a premium template. The site should also be light.

After considering all those factor, you will see your income rising significantly.

If your blog gets 10,000 views and it doesn’t generate over $20, then there is a big issue. It’s either you have placed your ads in wrong areas or your traffic is not genuine or it’s of low quality. Your content may also be attracting visitors from regions like India which pay $0.01 per click.

Your CPC should not be less than $1.00 .In case it’s $1, you will be sure of making over $30 per 10000 views. The best CPC is $2 and above.