How to make R1000 to R 10,000 per day from YouTube in South Africa


Making R1000 to R10000 per day from YouTube in South Africa require high level of work, it also needs strategy. Income of R1000 daily translates to R30000 per month, which is enough to sustain you in any city in South Africa.

There are many important things you need to do. First is to ensure that your channel has at least 50,000 subscribers. However, ideal number of subscribers is 100k.With 100,000 subscribers, each video you post in your channel will attract a minimum of 10,000 views.

To earn R 1,000 per day, you need at least 3 videos with 10k views each. The total number of views will be 30k and above. From experience, each 1000 views on YouTube in South Africa pays R10 to R20.For 30k views, you will earn a minimum of R1000.

To earn R10, 000 per day from YouTube in South Africa, you need at least 200k page views. It’s not easy to get such amount of traffic in a single day. Your channel MUST have over 100k subscribers and thousands of videos in the archive. You have to post 3-5 videos daily and at least one of them ought to trend. But if you post at least 1 video daily on the channel, you will need 3-5 years to start making R10, 000 daily constantly.

  • High paying niches

Your channel should create content content which target high paying niches. In South Africa, high paying niches include: banking, insurance, pets, mobile loans, web hosting, making money online, personal finance, law, games, health and mortgages.

Having content with high paying niches will attract the best adverts, implying that you won’t have to work so hard in order to make R1000 and above per day—you can even post one video which gets 20k visits that generate R1000.

  • USA traffic

Your videos should target USA traffic. This is the best traffic for YouTubers and bloggers world over .Some YouTubers make up to R1000 with  just 10k US traffic.

Ensure that more than 30% of the traffic your channel gets comes from USA.

To earn R10, 000 per day, you’ll need 150k traffic only.

  • Diversify your income streams

We understand that AdSense is the main source of income for YouTube channels in South Africa, but it may not be enough to generate over R1000 daily. You actually need to diversify your sources of income. Apart from AdSense, you will earn through affiliate marketing, sponsored content and by selling your own items like smartphones, gadgets, shoes and dresses.

If your traffic per day is 20k, it’s easy to make R1000 when the sources are more than 2.