How to make money online in Kuwait


There are many ways in which you can make money online in Kuwait. You can make more than 10,000 KWD by working online. Below are ways in which you can make money online in Kuwait and become a millionaire.

  • Blogging

Blogging is a lucrative venture, where you create your own website and monetize its content. Most bloggers in Kuwait make money through AdSense and Sponsored content. To create your own blog, you need a reliable web hosting. To get web hosting services,follow this link

  • Become a YouTuber

Create a YouTube channel which you will use to post videos. You will then sign up to AdSense and start earning money from the channel. To get approved, your channel should be at least 12 months old with over 1000 subscribers. The channel should also have gotten over 4,000 watch time hours.

YouTube pays over $3000 per 1 million views in Kuwait. You will earn $400 from 100k views.

  • Start Ecommerce site

Create an eCommerce site and sell products through the website. Sell clothes, shoes, smartphones and other items through the site. People will pay for the items online.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. There are a number of companies with good affiliate programs which pay commissions of up to 50% per sale. Web hosting, online shops and SEO tools are some of the best paying affiliate marketing companies in Kuwait.

For you to effectively sell the products, create a niche site and share the links in created posts. You will also display banners on your website.

Alternatively, share the links and banners on YouTube and through social media.

In most cases the earnings from affiliate marketing are higher than from AdSense…but one must be good in creating high quality content that convince your audience to buy the items being marketed.

  • Forex Trading

Look for a genuine Forex trading company and start trading. If you are good at predicting the future prices, you will generate a lot of income online. You can start with as little as KWD 300.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading

Buy and sell Bitcoins online. This is one of the surest ways of making quick money online in Kuwait. You can make more than KWD 1000 in one day by just buying and selling of Bitcoins.

If you have over KWD 10, 000, buy Bitcoins and sell after a couple of months at a profit.

  • Online paid surveys

There are many online survey companies which pay participants to take part in answering questions. You will earn up to $1000 per survey. If you participate in 10 surveys, you will make over $1000.

  • Sell products on social media

You can opt to sell products on social media and make money while at home. Smartphones, shoes and jeans are some of the best products to sell through your social media pages.

But to make good sales, your pages must have millions of followers.

  • Become an influencer on social media

Influencers are paid through sponsored content. Once you become popular on social media, companies will approach you to place adverts on your pages.

You will charge more than $1000 per sponsored post if your pages are big enough.

  • Offer web design services

There are many companies and individuals who want web design services in Kuwait. If you are good at Web Design, create a website to market your skills. You will get several jobs from local and international companies.

Over 3000 blogs are created in Kuwait monthly, they need your skills. You will charge at least $500 per website.

  • Offer web hosting services

Start a web hosting company and start hosting websites for other companies cheaply. Web hosting is one of the least exploited areas in Kuwait.

  • Start recruiting agency

Start online recruiting agency which connects employers in Kuwait and other countries. Currently there are many people in Kuwait who need house helps, loaders and other employees. You will charge a fee for each client you refer to the employer.

  • Become a Virtual Assistant

You can also become a virtual assistant by doing tasks like data entry, online errands and administration. You’ll get paid for every task you perform.

  • Become SEO consultant

If you are an expert in SEO matters,help other blogs and company websites to gain visibility online and get paid.Start your own SEO company for such services.

  • Guest blogging

Position yourself as the best guest blogger and get jobs from companies as a guest blogger. You will be paid $10 to $50 per article you write for your client.

You need to own a website and social media pages where you market your skills.

  • Academic writing

Offer academic writing to your online clients. You will get clients from universities locally and internationally. This involves writing proposals and academic projects and get paid.