How to make R1000 daily online in South Africa


There are many ways of making money online in South Africa. If you want to make R1000 daily, there are few things to do.

  • Go Live on Tiktok

Tiktok offers you opportunity to make over R1000 per day by simply going live. When you are Live, you will get gifts from your followers and people watching you. You can even make over R10000 per day if your content is good.

Apart from going live, you can also earn through sponsored videos and reviews.


  • Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is another great source of making money online. To make R10000 per day, your channel must get over 50,000 views. Create as many high quality videos as possible in order to attract many views. You should also target 50,000 to 100,000 followers such that when you upload 1 video, it gets over 20,000 guaranteed views.

  • Sell football predictions

Selling football predictions is also another good source of making over R1000 online in South Africa per day. Create a blog where you post free tips and also offer premium predictions. You should also create a Telegram account to sell the tips.

  • Blogging

To create a blog, it will cost you less than R500.After coming up with one, then start posting content. If you get 30,000 views and above per day, you will be assure of making more than R1000 per day.

One million views per month generate more than R40000.

  • Affiliate marketing

Start selling affiliate marketing products and earn commissions. Web hosting, betting, ecommerce and SEO are some of the niches with best affiliate marketing programs. You are guaranteed of over R1000 daily if your marketing skills are top notch. Your target traffic should be over 10,000 daily.

  • Sell products and skills on social media

You can make use of social media by selling products like smartphones, shoes, women dresses and electronics to make money. You can also become a social media influencer and make money through sponsored content.

  • Offer web hosting and web design services

Create a company offering web design and web hosting services. If you get 1000 clients, you will be assured of making over R1000 daily.

There are many blogs created daily, you will design their websites and host them as well. Companies are also looking for cheap hosting services within South Africa.

  • Cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency trading is also a good investment which will guarantee huge earnings. If it’s done well and with a genuine trading company, earning over R1000 is guaranteed.