YouTube income for 100k subscribers


YouTube income can be determined by the number of subscribers a channel has. If a channel has 100k subscribers,the income can range between $500 and $10000 per month.

Having many subscribers also mean nothing in regard to revenues if you are not posting enough videos in your channel. The more videos you post, the more views your channel gets, hence more income. You might also have 100K subscribers but get low views when your videos are not interesting for the subscribers.

Now, if your channel has 100k subscribers and you upload a video, expect to get 1,000 to 50,000 views directly from those subscribers. Evidence shows that on average,20% of your subscribers will view the videos if they are amazed by the content. The percentage translates to 20,000 views per video. In a month. YouTube pays $1.5 per 1000 views, implying that with 20,000 views, your channel will generate income of $30.If you post 30 videos per month and the average income per video is $30, you will earn $900.This means that in a month, the average income from 100k subscribers is $900.

The income can be higher or less than $900 depending on the number of articles you post, niche of your blog, region where traffic comes from. We are assuming that all the traffic is from high paying regions like USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Another factor determining your income is the number and quality of your videos. If the quality is superb and at least one video is posted daily, you will generate over $1000 monthly. Furthermore, when the quality is good, average viewing duration will be 5.