Braeburn Dar Es Salaam Fee Structure 2024


Below is the fee structure for Braeburn Dar Es Salaam and  term dates for the year 2024:

Year Group Annual Tuition Fee (USD) Deposit (USD)
Crèche 8,385 300
FS1 9,390 300
FS2 10,830 300
Year 1 to 6 16,800 300
Years 7 to 9 18,480 300
Year 10 18,480 300
Year 11 (Two Billings) 18,480 300


Year Group Transport Type Annual Transport Fee (USD)
FS2, Year 1 to 10 Zone 1 795
FS2, Year 1 to 10 Zone 2 945
FS2, Year 1 to 10 Zone 3 1,104
FS2, Year 1 to 10 Zone 4 1,260
FS2, Year 1 to 10 Zone 5 1,575
Year 11 Zone 1 796
Year 11 Zone 2 946
Year 11 Zone 3 1,104
Year 11 Zone 4 1,260
Year 11 Zone 5 1,576

Payment may be made in Tanzanian Shillings (Please contact the school accountant for the exchange rate)

Deposits are charged once on joining the school but must be topped up if deductions are made for losses or breakages. The deposit (or balance thereof) is refundable at the end of a pupil’s final term following clearance by the headteacher.

Important information about school fees

  1. Above Fees indicate costs for Tuition, including all approved textbooks and exercise books, School Transport services and Refundable Deposit but do not include Enrolment or any applicable Examinations Fees.
  2. Applications for placement at the school are only processed on the return of a duly completed registration form and on the payment of a non-refundable registration fee of USD 100/-. In certain Year Groups where vacancies are limited, a 20% advance payment of the tuition fee is payable against the First Term’s invoice. This advance payment is not refundable if confirmed places are not taken up. Children who cannot be accommodated immediately are put on a waiting list.
  3. Fees above are in US Dollars, and are billed in August, December and April, with the exception of Year 11 where fees are billed in August and December.
  4. Early payment discount: Fees are payable on or before the first day of each term. A discount of 3% on tuition fees is given when full payment is made within 6 days of the due date.
  5. Family discounts, on tuition fees only are allowed in bills as follows:
    2nd Child: 10%
    3rd Child: 20%
    4th Child: 30%
    5th & subsequent Child: 40%
  6. A surcharge of 1.25% is levied per month for the late payment of fees.
  7. Activity fees are charged separately and are normally accompanied by an official letter from the headteacher.
  8. A full term’s notice in writing and the headteacher’s acknowledgement in writing of the same is required for withdrawals else, a full term’s fees are payable in lieu of such notice.
  9. The Board of Directors reserves the right to alter the fees at four months’ notice.
Term 2, 2023-2024
Term opens 4th January 2024
Term ends 28th March 2024
Half term 12th – 16th February 2024
Public Holidays: 12th January 2024 – Zanzibar Revolution Day; 29th March to 1st April 2024 – Easter; 7th April 2024 – Karume Day; 10th April 2024 – Eid el Fitr


Term 3, 2023-2024
Term opens 18th April 2024
Term ends 5th July 2024
Half term 30th – 31st May 2024
Public Holidays: 26th April 2024 – Union Day; 1st May 2024 – Labour day; 7th July 2024 – Saba Saba

Contact information

Braeburn Dar es Salaam International School
Africana/Mbezi Beach, off Bagamoyo Road at the Africana Junction
PO Box 31158
Dar es Salaam

+255 (0) 763 086 646