MSC vs MBA Finance in Kenya. Which one is better?


You are at crossroads; you have two options: MSC Finance or MBA.Which one is better?

MSC Finance is ideal for Financial Analysts, Research Analysts and anyone in the line of finance. It’s confined to the field of finance. But MBA has many specializations.MBA can be done by those in middle management level or those who are starting a career in the field of business. MSC Finance is ideal for Financial Analysts, Finance Managers and CFO.It’s also ideal for Actuaries and Statisticians. This course is pursued for those who don’t intend to change their career from finance.

When you compare both, MBA is more marketable and better because it’s applicable even in the finance environment.

If you aren’t sure of your future career, it’s better you pursue MBA because it’s wide enough. If you specifically want to remain in the finance sector, pursue MSC Finance. But in my own opinion, MBA is better

MSC Finance is more technical and harder than MBA.If you are not so good in mathematics, don’t enroll for this course.

Salaries of MSC Finance vs Salaries of MBA

MSC Finance graduates are more likely to earn higher salaries than MBA graduates. This is because majority of those pursuing MSC Finance are in stable jobs. More than 90% of MSC Finance graduates earn over Ksh 200,000 monthly.

Best MSC Finance institutions in Kenya and total cost

JKUAT University—Ksh 126,000 per semester

University of Nairobi—Ksh 605,000

Kenya Methodist University—Ksh 450,000

Kabarak University—Ksh 65,000 per semester tuition fee

Maseno University—Ksh 500,000

Kenyatta University—Ksh Ksh 153,500 fee per year

Best MBA Universities in Kenya

University of Nairobi—Ksh 602,250

KCA University—Ksh 400,000

Kenyatta University—Ksh 90,000 fee per year

Mount Kenya University—Ksh 90,000 per semester

Kabarak University—Ksh 70,000 per semester

Daystar University—Ksh 80,000 per semester

Strathmore University—Ksh 65,000 per semester

Technical University of Kenya—Ksh 470,000

If you are a Statistician, Financial Analyst, Economist or Actuary, go for MSC Finance. If you are an auditor, accountant or cashier, go for MBA.

Salaries of Financial Analysts in Kenya

Financial Analysts with CFA earn over Ksh 150,000 in Kenya. Those with MSC Finance and CFA earn over Ksh 200,000.

Salaries of Actuaries in Kenya

An Actuary with professional certification earns Ksh 300,000 to Ksh 600,000 per month. MSC Finance will boost the chances of becoming a senior manager. Monthly salaries for senior actuaries in Kenya are from Ksh 500,000.

Salaries for Auditors and accountants with MBA

Auditors and accountants with MBA qualification have higher chances of getting a promotion. If you are earning Ksh 90,000 and you pursue MBA, your salary will be increased to more than Ksh 150,000 in case promotion arises.

Chief Finance Officers with MBA earn over Ksh 300,000 in Kenya. Senior Auditors with MBA especially those working for audit firms earn over Ksh 180,000 per month.


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