Salary of cyber security in Kenya


Salary of Cyber Security jobs in Kenya

Cyber Security is one of the highest paying jobs in Kenya. The monthly salary of Cyber Security professional with a diploma course is Ksh 60,000 to Ksh 120,000. The monthly salary for a degree course is Ksh 70,000 to Ksh 300,000. Fresh graduates are the ones who earn Ksh 70,000 to Ksh 120,000 monthly. With a Masters course in Cyber Security, you will earn Ksh 250,000 to Ksh 500,000 monthly.

You can also pursue certificate in cyber security. The salary at this level is Ksh 25,000 to Ksh 60,000 per month.

Best places to study cyber security course in Kenya

Open University of Kenya— Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Cost—Ksh 105,000 per year

Admission Requirement—At least C+ in KCSE

Kibabii University—Diploma in Cyber Security

Admission Requirement—KCSE C-(Minus)

Kenya School of Security Management— Certificate in Cybersecurity

Zetech University— Diploma in cyber security and forensics

Admission Requirement—C-(Minus) in KCSE

Kabarak University— Bachelor of Science in Computer Security and Forensics

Minimum requirement— KCSE mean grade of C+

Fee—Ksh 80,000 per semester

Best professionals for cyber security in Kenya

The best way to make more money is by pursuing a professional course in cyber security. Here is a list of the best certification:


—Security Hacker course

—CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)

—Cybersecurity analyst course


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