Is it easy to transfer from one course to another at Maseno University


You have been admitted to Maseno University but the course you were selected to study is not marketable. You want to transfer to another course and wondering whether it’s easy.Yes,it’s possible as long as your cluster points can match the course you want to transfer to.

I was admitted at Maseno to study Bachelor of Science General but I didn’t like the course. I wanted either Statistics or Actuarial Science.I applied to transfer to Statistics and my request was accepted.

Once you have received the admission letter, wait to join the institution. From the first week, apply to transfer to another course. But first check whether you qualify for that course. Don’t apply to transfer to a course you don’t qualify to pursue.

You can transfer from Bachelor of Statistics to Bachelor of Actuarial Sience.Bachelor of Education to Bachelor of Statistics or from any course to a better course. But the department has to look at the number of students who pursue that program. For instance, if Actuarial Science admits 50 students and there are already 45 students who have joined, they will only need 5 more students.

When you are applying for a transfer, ensure that the course you want to transfer to does not have enough students. Another thing is that you may want to transfer and also realize that all students in that course wants to transfer. In this case, you may be denied the opportunity to transfer.

After applying to transfer, wait for at least 3 weeks to get a feedback. They might take even 6 weeks. During this time, you should be attending classes for the course you were admitted to pursue.


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