Lessons Kenyan Bloggers Should Learn from the Closure of Hivisasa


Hivisasa was at one time the envy of other bloggers, but it’s recent announcement left most of us in a state of confusion. As a blogger, there are many lessons you can learn from the closure of Hivisasa.I am one of the bloggers who launched my first blog before Hivisasa and I can confirm that Hivisasa was among few blogs that were a thorn in the flesh for me. I feel pained when our competitor leaves the market because the urge to better ourselves is slowed down.

The only positive thing from the exit of Hivisasa is for other bloggers to learn critical lessons. Below we discuss some of the things that forced Hivisasa out of the industry and how to make sure that you aren’t the next one.

  1. Never live beyond your means

Hivisasa had employed more than 15 writers, it had fully furnished offices and managers as well. The company’s monthly revenue was Ksh 200,000 while expenses exceeded Ksh 2 million. Even if it was financed a moneyed institution, there’s no way it could survive. Hivisasa lived beyond its means.

For a blogger to survive, they must always ensure that expenses are less than income.

  • Diversity your sources of income

It’s quite unfortunate that majority of bloggers in Kenya depend on AdSense for survival. What if the account is disabled? The same fate befell Hivisasa, whose income was from AdSense.Hivisasa’s AdSense account was disabled, hence rendering them broke and out of shape. Experienced bloggers would tell you that online business is highly unpredictable, today you will earn Ksh 100,000, tomorrow Ksh 20, the following day zero. But the continuity of any business depends on income sources. Never rely on AdSense only, sign up for affiliate programs, AdSense alternatives like MGID,sell products, attract direct adverts and Sponsored posts.By diversifying your sources of income, you won’t be so much disappointed if one source is eliminated.

  • Always monitor AdSense warnings

AdSense warnings are important, you should always monitor your dashboard and ensure that you take action. If the warnings become far too many, Google will ban you from AdSense.Hivisasa started well but in the middle of the journey, they went astray after starting to post gambling content. I personally called them and informed their managers that if they don’t stop posting betting content, their AdSense would be disabled.

  • Never rely on one website for survival

A serious and visionary blogger should own more than one website. You should have a separate website that does not monetize with AdSense such that when the main site is affected, you’ll turn to the backup site.

  • Learn what others in the industry are doing

Blogging is dynamic, what is working for you today may not work tomorrow. Hivisasa could have invested in Videos other than relying solely on income from AdSense. Blogs like Tuko and Pulselive Kenya have invested heavily on Facebook videos and are earning significant portion of their revenue from such videos.