Why Tuko News Will Beat Nation and Standard to Become the Most Popular Blog in Kenya 2020


Tuko News is few months away from becoming the most popular blog in Kenya.Currently,the blog stands at position 3,behind www.nation.co.ke and www.standardmedia.co.ke It’s projected that www.tuko.co.ke which is owned by the Genesis Media will leapfrog Nation and Standard to emerge top among Kenyan blogs.

 In 2017, two years after it was launched in Kenya, Tuko took the country by storm after it grew to position 1 but its popularity dropped significantly over the past one year, even below Kenyans, to position 4—I guess it’s because they changed their template. But going by the recent popularity trends, it’s highly possible that the blog will regain its former glory.

One reason Nation and Standard are always ahead of other blogs is because they are owned by established media houses, the two blogs also contain more than 100,000 articles each. For Tuko to reach the statuses of Nation and Standard, it must contain more than 100,000 articles anjd always focus on trending content.

It’s also important to note that search engines favour the two blogs because their news is always verified, which means that they would rank higher than any other blog in the country regardless of who broke a story first.

Tuko on the other hand has packaged itself as a media house, it has employed qualified journalists who generate fresh and verified content. Over time, the blog has invested heavily on its social media pages and they now rival leading media stations in the country.

One thing that will help Tuko beat Nation and Standard is because it provides detailed information based on current trends. Even the blog’s social media videos are of high quality and based on what Kenyans want to watch.

With so much resources on their hands, Tuko will soon overtake all the blogs and top the list of most popular blogs in Kenya. Currently, the blog receives over 16 million visits per month and more than 6 million monthly unique visits.