List of Web Hosting Companies in Nepal


There are a number of good web hosting companies in Nepal which one should host their websites with. All types of hosting, such as Shared hosting, Dedicated Server, VPS, Managed WordPress and Cloud Hosting are available. Shared hosting is the most popular type of hosting and at least 3/4 companies in the country have chosen this package.

Here is a list of web hosting companies in Nepal:

  • Imalayan Host

Website link:

Types of plans and prices

Unlimited Hosting—NPR 2020 per year

Reseller Hosting—NPR499 per month

VPS Hosting—NPR1500 per month

Domain Registration—NPR1000 per year

  • Webhost Nepal

Website link:

Types of plans and prices


Basic Web Hosting— NPR 1000 /YR

Business Web Hosting—NPR2000/YR

Pro Web Hosting– NPR 4000 /YR

Unlimited Web Hosting— NPR 8000 /YR

SHOUTcast Hosting

Basic SHOUTcast—NPR 5000 /YR

Business SHOUTcast—NPR 8000 /YR

Pro SHOUTcast—NPR 10000 /YR

Advanced SHOUTcast—NPR 12000 /YR

Multi-Domain cPanel HOSTING

MD-Hosting Starter–NPR 6000 /YR

MD-Hosting Bronze—NPR 10000 /YR

MD-Hosting Gold—NPR 15000 /YR

MD-Hosting Platinum—NPR 20000 /YR


Starter Cloud—NPR 10000 /YR

Business Cloud—NPR 15000 /YR

Pro Cloud—NPR 20000 /YR

Enterprise Cloud—NPR 25000 /YR

cPanel/WHM Reseller Hosting

Reseller Starter—NPR 8,000 /YR

Reseller Bronze—NPR 15,000 /YR

Reseller Gold—NPR 25,000 /YR

Reseller Platinum—NPR 40,000 /YR


Cloud VPS Starter—NPR 3000

Cloud VPS Bronze—NPR 5000

Cloud VPS Gold—NPR 8000

Cloud VPS Platinum—NPR 12000


DS Starter—NPR 15000 /Mo

DS Bronze—NPR 20000 /Mo

DS Gold–NPR 30000 /Mo

DS Platinum–NPR 50000 /Mo

Google G Suite

Starting @ NPR 10000/yr

  • Weblink Nepal

Website link:

Plans and pricing
Web Hosting 50 MB = Nrs 1000
Web Hosting 100 MB = Nrs 1500
Web Hosting 200 MB = Nrs 2000
Web Hosting 500 MB = Nrs 3000
Web Hosting 1 GB = Nrs 5000
Web Hosting 5 GB = Nrs 15000
Web Hosting 10 GB = Nrs 25000

  • Mercantile Communications

Website link:

  • AGM Web Hosting

Website link:

Linux Hosting

SLH-1 PLAN—$5/Year

SLH-2 Plan–$6/Year

SLH-3 Plan—$8/Year

SLH-4 Plan—$9/Year

Single Domain Hosting

Standard Plan—$14/Year

Profession Plan—$15/Year

Advanced Plan—$20/Year

Platinum Plan—$23/Year

Multi Domain Hosting

Standard Plan—NPR10/Month

Profession Plan—$14/Month

Advanced Plan—$20/Month

Business Plan—$25/Month

Linux Reseller Hosting

LRH – 1—NPR999/Month

LRH – 2—NPR1499/Month

LRH – 3—NPR1999/Month

LRH – 4—NPR2599/Month

  • Webtech Nepal

Website link:

List of Plans and pricing

Web Hosting

Unlimited Hosting Plan—-NPR 431.95 /MO

Business—NPR 679.49 /MO

Pro—NPR 927.02 /MO

Reseller Hosting(Free WHMCS Included)

R1—-NPR 1,360.21 /MO

R2—NPR 1,607.75 /MO

R3—NPR 2,102.82 /MO

R4—NPR 3,154.85 /MO

  • Hosting Sewa

Website link:

Plans and pricing

HS 01—Starting from रू 100/- per month

HS 02—Starting from रू 150/- per month

HS 03—Starting from रू 320/-per month

Unlimited Sewa—Starting from रू 7000/- per year

  • eHost Server

Website link;

List of Plans and pricing

BASIC—रू.700 /Year

DELUXE—रू.2500 /Year

ULTIMATE—रू.4000 /Yea

MAXIMUM–रू.7000 /Year

  • Bent Ray Technologies

Website link:

List of plans and pricing

Disk Space 100MB 1GB 2GB 5GB 10
Bandwidth 2 GB 20 GB 40 GB 100 GB 200GB
Hosted Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price in NPR. (per year) 2,000/- 6,000/- 8,000/- 10,000/- 15,000/-
  • Gurkha Host

Website link:

List of plans and pricing

Shared Hosting

Starter–रु25 /mo

Basic—रु99 /mo

Advanced—रु249 /mo

Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited Lite–रु249/mo

Unlimited Advanced—रु499 /mo

Unlimited Pro—रु999 /mo

Business Web Hosting

SMEs—रु999 /mo

Enterprise—-रु1499 /mo

StartUp—रु499 /mo

Nepal Domain Hosting

Website link:

  • Babal Host

Website link:

Unlimited Hosting

Single Unlimited—रू 999 /year

Babal Unlimited–रू 2,499 /year

Cloud Reseller Hosting

Starter Reseller—रू 2,343 /month

Babal Reseller—रू 3,906 /month

Dedicated Servers

Starter—रू10,310 /month

Mid—रू11,248 /month

High—रू16,873 /month

Unlimited WordPress Hosting in Nepal

WordPress Starter–रू 1,499 /year

WordPress Pro–रू 3,499 /year

  • I.Web Nepal

Website link:

  • Ganesh Himal Technology

Website link:

Hosting Packages List and Rates  (Not Include Domain Name)

Web Hosting = 500 MB Rs. 4000

Web Hosting = 700 MB Rs. 6000

Web Hosting = 1 GB Rs. 8000

Web Hosting = 2 GB Rs. 15,000

Web Hosting = 3 GB Rs. 20,000

Web Hosting = 5 GB Rs. 25000

  • Webserver Nepal

Website link:

List of plans and pricing



VPS—NPR7500 /M




PRO—NPR2000 /m



  • Peace Nepal

Website link:

List of Plans and Pricing

Windows / Linux Hosting Plans with pricing:

Space Price
50 MB NRs. 2,000/-
100 MB NRs. 2,500/-
200 MB NRs. 3,000/-
500 MB NRs. 4,000/-
1 GB NRs. 6,000/-
2 GB NRs. 9,000/-
5 GB NRs. 18,000/-