List of Web Hosting Companies in Norway


There are several cheap web hosting companies in Norway you should consider when looking for the best web hosting company in the country. Below is a list of all web hosting companies in Norway.

  • Host1

Website link:

Plans and pricing

Web Hosting– NOK 29 per month

Virtual Server— NOK 249 per month

Cloud/Elastic– Pay for usage

Domains— NOK 99 per year

  • Sircon

Website link:

Plans and pricing

Starter—NOK36 per month

Mini—NOK68 per month

Midi—NOK156 per month

Pro—NOK298 per month

  • Web Server

Website link:

Plans and pricing

Non profit—Free

Pro–$5 per month

Business–$10 per month

  • Online Server

Website link:

Linux Web Hosting Plans and pricing

Standard Linux Web Hosting–$2 per month

Business Linux Web Hosting–$5 per month

Reseller Linux Web Hosting–$9 per month

  • Runbox

Website link:

Plans and pricing

Micro–$1.66 per month

Mini–$2.91 per month

Medium–$4.16 per month

Max–$6.66 per month

  • Domain Name Shop

Website link:

The couple of web hosting companies are ideal for website hosting clients. Most of them have 30-day money back guarantee as well as over 99% uptime.

The factors to consider before choosing a hosting company in Norway are: Uptime, value for money, refund policy, reviews from customers and the type of clients the company hosts.