Cheapest Web Hosting Companies in Kenya 2020


Every blogger /company would want to host their websites with cheap web hosting companies in Kenya. Fortunately, there are several companies that offer cheap hosting services at every level of hosting. More than 90% of websites in Kenya are hosted under Shared Hosting Plans.

In this article, we will not only focus on cheap hosting services, but also genuine and reliable web hosting firms. We have noted severally that some of the hosting companies in the country are not honest with clients. They would quote a figure on their website and immediately you join them, they come up with additional costs. It’s important for any hosting company to be transparent, if they quote Ksh 1,000 as the cost of hosting for one year, they should not bring additional charges when a client has bought their services.

Web hosting can cost as little as Ksh500 per year and as high as Ksh 500,000 per month depending on the amount of traffic a website receives and the resources allocated to a website. Viral websites like Tuko, Kenyans, Standard Digital, Nation and Citizen TV pay up to Ksh600,000 per month on hosting. A number of them host with companies like Kinsta which host viral websites.

For small websites, shared hosting plans are the best. The costs of shared hosting plans range between Ksh 500 and Ksh 10,000 per year.

Here are companies offering cheapest web hosting services in Kenya:

  • HostPinnacle

HostPinnacle has excellent reviews online. The company mostly hosts small and medium websites. Websites with traffic range of 0 and 500,000 will be much comfortable with this company.

The most ideal type of hosting is shared hosting package which has four plans. Below are the costs for each plan;

  • Starter package—Ksh1,500 per year
  • Standard Package—Ksh3,500 per year
  • Executive Package—Ksh10,000 per year
  • Budget Reseller—Ksh1,000 per month

If you have a new website, choose the starter package. When traffic increases to more than 100,000 per month, upgrade to Executive package. To start hosting your website, click on this link

HostPinnacle also offers reseller hosting plans for companies intending to host their clients. If your hosting company is still young, buy reseller plans from HostPinnacle and grow it until you reach a point to register with Kenic for a license. You can see all the reseller plans here

  • Kenya Website Experts

As we said earlier, we will not list a company here just because it’s cheap, we also consider the quality of services. I am one of the many clients of Kenya Website Experts, I know it’s a good company. Since I joined them in 2015 I have never had any issues.

The cheapest hosting price is Ksh2,100 per year and it’s available in the starter plan. Below are other plans under the shared hosting environment:

  • Starter plan—Ks2,100 per year
  • Standard Plan—Ksh7,100 per year
  • Bronze plan—Ksh10,100 per year
  • Gold plan—Ksh 14,100 per year

The plans are priced depending on the resources allocated to a website. There are also other types of hosting by Kenya Websites Experts, like Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server hosting, you can get all the hosting details here

  • Safaricom

Safaricom services are excellent. The company has its own servers which it hosts thousands of blogs. Their hosting pricing are as follows:

Pricing for blogs

  • Lite plan—Ksh1,300 per year
  • Bronze plan—Ksh2,800 per year
  • Silver plan—Ksh 3,800 per year
  • Gold plan—Ksh5,300 per year
  • Premium plan—Ksh 6,300 per year

Pricing for .com blogs

  • Lite plan—Ksh999 per year
  • Bronze plan—Ksh2,499 per year
  • Silver plan—Ksh 3,499 per year
  • Gold plan—Ksh4,999 per year
  • Premium plan—Ksh 5,999 per year

Lite plan is the best for hosting new blogs. Viral blogs can be hosted by Premium plan.

Here is the link for Safaricom hosting plans

  • Truehost Kenya

Truehost is among few Kenyan hosting companies that offer free hosting services. The free plan lasts for one month, upon which you can upgrade to premium hosting plans. Shared Hosting environment bear the cheapest plans. This is where you should host your website.

The plans can be outlined as follows:

  • Starter plan—Free for one month
  • Silver Hosting plan—Ksh 1,499 per year
  • Gold hosting—Ksh3,499 per year
  • Unlimited Hosting—Ksh14,499 per year

Visit Truehost website here

  • Webhost Kenya

Webhost Kenya has good ratings. It’s a cheap web hosting company anyone can consider.

Hosting pricing

  • Sliver plan—Ksh2,100 per year
  • Gold Plan(Best Seller)—Ksh 2,900 per year
  • Diamond Plan—Ksh5,800 per year
  • Platinum plan—Ksh4095 per year

Here is the website link

  • Sasa Host

The company has been in Kenya for more than 5 years. Its growth is attributed to the good services it offers. Basic hosting plans are relatively cheap and reliable.

If you have a new website, here are the plans to select from:

  • Personal Hosting I—Ksh2,500 per year
  • Personal Hosting II—Ksh3,500 per year
  • Personal Hosting III—Ksh 5,500 per year
  • Personal Hosting IV—Ksh10,500 per year

Sasa Host offers basic, medium and advanced hosting services. The most ideal websites to host here are those receiving 0-500,000 page views per month. You can check all the plans here


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