How To Make A New Blog Popular Without Spending Money to Promote It


There are many genuine ways bloggers have used to make their new blogs popular without spending money to promote them. Running a new blog is stressful, you’ll do everything right but at the end of the day, nobody is noticing your efforts. Instead of being demoralized, do the following and see the site grow within no time.

  • Use the right keywords

Targeting organic traffic will save you a great deal and to attract such traffic, you need to use the right keywords. If you don’t know what type of keywords to use, join SEMRush and get all the facts, register for free via this link

The more you focus on keywords, the more your blog grows. Your articles, if well written, will always appear on page one of search engines. When someone is searching for something and by good chance your blog has featured that product, the reader will open your article, thus improving the ranking of your entire blog.

SEMRush will also help you to know the type of articles that are doing better in other blogs. You can write same articles in a unique way and share the traffic with the other blog.

  • Create a Facebook page for the blog

It’s easier to grow a Facebook page than a blog. If your page is very interactive and active, it will gain followers faster. Use the Facebook page to promote your blog. Every time you post an article on your blog, make sure you share it on Facebook.

  • Comment on other people’s Facebook and blog posts

If you notice a viral blog post in other people’s blogs, make sure you leave a comment and a link to your site. Some bloggers may not accept links if that is the case, then it’s good to contact them and ask them to allow your link to be included in the comment. Alternatively, in the comment, ask other readers to check your site for more stories.

  • Exchange backlinks with other bloggers

There are other bloggers who would like to exchange links with other sites, look for such bloggers and make sure they post some of your articles with backlinks. The links are extremely important for new sites, the more the backlinks the more popular your site becomes.

Popular sites like CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and Nation have thousands of backlinks, which is what they are popular.

Ensure that your new blog has at least 10 backlinks, that way it will grow faster without much struggle.

  • Post regularly

Google will take time to index content from a site that does not post regularly. Readers would visit your site today, read what is there, then visit tomorrow to confirm whether you have fresh content. If they realize that your site is not updated regularly, they’ll disappear to other blogs with fresh content. Fresh content will maintain the returning visitors as well as attract new readers.

  • Share buttons

Your site should have share buttons to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp such that when someone is impressed by an article, they will share on social media. From the shared content, you’ll gain new readers.

  • User friendly site

Ensure that your website is user friendly. There are basic things you must do to ensure that your readers are comfortable with it. Use good images, make you the site light as well as easy to load. Some hosting companies may not provide features to make a site light but companies like Kinsta have been praised for ensuring all sites hosted by them are light.

There is nothing as discouraging as trying to load a story and it takes like forever to open. You will only try once but the next day you won’t even bother to open the site.

Finally, you should ensure that your content provides solution to readers, it’s interesting and precise.

  • Original content

There way your blog will grow without original content. Even as you borrow ideas from other blogs, avoid as much as possible to copy what others have posted. Plagiarism is punishable even by search engines. Nowadays, search engines don’t index plagiarized content.


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