Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers in South Africa


When you are a blogger,the best method of earning income online is through affiliate marketing.Though majority of South Africans make money from AdSense,there is a good number who generate income via affiliate matketing.It’s a fact that affiliate marketing pays better than AdSense especially for niche blogs.

Affiliate marketers are paid through commissions,if they don’t sell,they won’t earn.However, the good thing is that the commissions are good.A blogger can sell one product and earn commissions of up to $1000.

Here are the best affiliate programs for bloggers in South Africa:

  • Mentality

Mentality is an online shop that offers affiliate program for bloggers to earn money online.

The base commission is set at 10% of the sale value. Plus you get R30 just for signing up.

  • 10% of sale total (less than 8 orders)

For example: Lets say you refer 1500 visitors, and 1.5% of those visitors place and order (with an average of R500 p/order) that’s over R1,600 in commissions each month. All of which are paid into your South African bank account (via EFT) when requested.

22.5 x R500 = R11,100 (referred gross revenue)
R11,100 x 10% = R1,110 (referral commissions owed to you)
1500 x 1.5% = 22.5 (referred orders)

Performance Rewards: When you exceed a certain amount of orders referred you will automatically be moved up to the next Payout Level and receive a higher commission.

Affiliate program sign up link:

  • Zando

Zando is also another online shop that pays good money to affiliates.A blogger earns 5% for every sale they make.

Affiliate program link:

  • Faith to Nature

Faith to Nature sells food produce hand sanitizers,shops and several other products in demand.The company’s affiliate program has become very popular among bloggers,especially those in the gadget and beauty industries.The commissions go upto 24% of every sale you make.

Affiliate sign up link:

  • A2 Hosting

If you are in the hosting industry,A2 affiliate program is the one to join in South Africa.You will earn up to $5000 by mking a single sale.

Affiliate sign up link:

A2 has several hosting plans,including shared hosting,Managed WordPress Hosting,Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting.The hosting company is popular among small,medium and viral blogs.

  • Wonga

Wonga offers short time online loans to South Africans.The company helped bloggers to start earning money online by introducing an affiliate program.

Criteria and process to join the Wonga Affiliate Program

  1. You must have a website that is relevant to personal loans, personal finance, the financial industry, or is a good fit to partner with Wonga
  2. Your website needs to achieve a minimum of 25 000 unique visits per month
  3. If you meet those conditions,make an application and get approved within hours.

Wonga affiliate sign up link:

  • Betway

Betway is another affiliate program you should not ignore.This is for bloggers in sports and betting niche.The company pays up to 45% of the money the players lose.

To register for the affiliate program,follow this link:

  • Bidorbuy

Bidorby affiliate program pays up to R100  per single sale.

Below is the amount you will earn once you join the program:

Monthly active registration tiers

1 – 19 users: R40.00 per user

20 – 49 users: R50.00 per user

50 – 249 Users: R60.00 per user

250 – 499 Users: R70.00 per user

500 – 999 Users: R80.00 per user

1000+ Users: R100.00 per user

Monthly bid tiers

1 – 249 bids: R0.40 per bid

250 – 999 bids: R0.50 per bid

1000 – 4999 bids: R0.60 per bid

5000 – 9999 bids: R0.80 per bid

10000+ bids: R1.00 per bid

Bidorbuy affiliate registration link:—earn-extra-money

  • iToys

iToys is an online shop that sells iPhones ,iPad,laptops and Android products.The program pays 5% commission on every single sale.If one sells an iPhone of R10000 the commission will be R500.

To register for the affiliate program,use this link:

  • GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a giant web hosting company with over 3 million  hosted websites.Their popular web hosting affiliate program is currently in use by more than 5,000 bloggers.

Thje company pays in terms of commissions to the tune of $1,500 per sale.

To join the program,follow this link:

  • Ever Beauty

If you own a lifestyle blog,Ever Beauty will enable you to earn money by promoting their products.

You will be earning 10% commission on every sale you make.

Ever Beauty affiliate sign up link:

  • Pro Gifts

Pro Gifts is another affiliate program related to lifestyle.The company gives 15% commission on every sale.

Eight reasons to join the program

  1. Earn up to 15% commission on products (excluding delivery costs).
  2. FREE to join!
  3. High customer click/buy rates from banners and text links.
  4. All transactions recorded by our own tracking software. No third parties.
  5. Affiliates log-in area featuring reports/stats to check on sales.
  6. Same Day Delivery on most products which means more sales for you.
  7. Guaranteed high level of quality and service for YOUR customers from South Africa’s Leading Flower and Gifting Service.
  8. High level of Affiliate support.

Pro Gifts affiliate registration link:

  • Neolo

Neolo is a popular web hosting company in South Africa.Bloggers make up to $500 per sale.This affiliate program is ideal for publishers specializing content related to web hosting,SEO and blogging.

Currently the commission is 30% recurrent, ie if you refer 5 customers who each pay 10 USD a month, you would be 3 USD (30% of 10 USD) * 5 customers = 15 USD a month

To register for the program,follow this link:

  • Sell SA

Sell SA is an online shop in South Africa.Bloggers earn up to 6% of every sale they make.

To register for the program,follow this link:

  • Travelstart

If you own a travel site,it’s good to advertise Travelstart aproducts and make money on daily basis.Every time a client books a flight or a room through your link,you earn money.

Amount of money you’ll earn from the program:

Number of bookings Domestic Commission International Commission
0-49 paid bookings R90 per booking R125 per booking
50-100 paid bookings R100 per booking R150 per booking
101+ paid bookings R110 per booking R175 per booking

Affiliate sign up link: