Cost of Running a Website


The cost of running a blog depends on various factors, but generally, you will spend between $10 and $5000 per month. New blogs are not expensive to run, they will cost as low as $5 per month, sometimes free especially if you register with a web hosting company that provides free trial plan.

New blogs incur less costs. Web hosting services cost more than any other service, followed by SEO services. Most bloggers only incur costs of web hosting services. The amount one pays for hosting depend on resources(bandwidth) usage, they specific company where the website is hosted, the total number of page views and the type of hosting plan one is using. Shared Hosting is the cheapest, followed by Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting,VPS and dedicated server hosting respectively. Shared hosting is for new websites or blogs with low traffic.

It’s important that you avoid expensive web hosting companies. If you are about to register your blog, choose companies like Bluehost which offer cheap services for small and medium blogs. Alternatively, go for A2 hosting or Cloudways. I will provide the links below to direct you to the respective hosting company websites where you will choose the ideal shared hosting plan

Bluehost(Click here to visit website)

A2 Hosting(Click here to visit the website)

Cloudways(Click here to visit website)

Each of the hosting companies above will also register a new domain for you. The amount you will spend for hosting a new website will not exceed $50 per year.

There is a direct correlation between the amount of traffic a blog gets and the hosting costs. The more traffic it receives the more the owner pays for hosting. The cost of hosting is approximated as follows:

10,000 page views per month–$20

50,000 page views per month—$30

100,000 page views per month–$50

500,000 page views per month–$100

1 million page views per month–$150

3 million page views per month—$200

5 million page views per month–$400

10 million page views per month–$700

20 million page views per month–$1200

We have not factored in the resources a website utilizes but the variation won’t be big even if a website consumes so much resources.

If your traffic goes past 500,000 per month, it’s advisable to switch to a company with more powerful servers that can sustain that amount of traffic. I recommend Kinsta which I am also their client. Kinsta uses Google Cloud platform which has the most powerful servers in the world. The cost of hosting is from $30 per month.Click on this link to see all Kinsta plans

The first step is to visit Kinsta website, create a free account, choose the appropriate plan, make the payment and transfer your site. Kinsta staff will help you in transferring the blog for free.

Many bloggers also spend on SEO services. Alexa, SEMrush and Longtail Pro are some of the tools they subscribe to.Alexa costs as low as $20 per month. SEMrush has a free trial which expires after two weeks, upon which you can join their premium plan of $99 per month. To register for the free trial,follow this link .The good thing about SEMrush is that it helps in identifying trending content for your rivals as well as indicating the best paying keywords. You will also be able to know how your articles are performing in relation to your rivals.

Longtail Pro is also popular among bloggers. To join this keyword tool is free,click here to sign up .The tool is good in identifying the best long tail keywords that will rank on page one of Google. You can use the free trial plan first, then pay for the premium versions if you are convinced that the tool is good.

The SEO tools will help to build your site to become an authority blog. For those with e-commerce sites, you will know which products are popular among your competitors, then stock the same products on your blog, the particular tool to help you do so is SEMrush.

Paying for content creation. If you don’t have time to post on your blog, you will incur the costs of hiring content creators. To hire someone to do the job, you’ll pay them between $5 and $1000 per article based on their level of experience and the type of content they create.

Buying a light WordPress theme. Initially, most bloggers use a free theme to create content with. But it’s not SEO friendly and is always prone to malware/virus attacks. At some point, they are forced to buy premium themes which cost between $20 and $60.The good thing is that your only buy a theme ones. Some of the most popular themes include Admania,Newspaper,and Soledad,they are all available in ThemeForest.

To minimize web hosting costs,it’s important that you get a premium theme that’s light.To buy one,visit ThemeForest,click on this link to visit the website

If you manage to get a good light theme, the cost of running a blog will reduce by more than half.

Apart from those costs,there are no any other costs of running a blog.If your blog is very popular, one that gets between 500,000 and 10 million page views per month,you should be prepared to spend at least $100 for web hosting each month.

In order to minimize the costs of running a blog, make sure the theme you are using is light, the photos used are light and the type of hosting you are joining does not have hidden costs. You should also create the content on your own other than employing someone to do the work for you.


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