Best Website Design Companies in South Africa


There are over 100 website design companies in South Africa, some of them providing extra services like website hosting and SEO services. In our list, we have the best website design companies in South Africa. Such companies have cheap and reliable services, some of them provide free web hosting services once a client gives them the job of designing their websites.

If you need the best website design services in South Africa, choose one of the following companies:

  • The Webshack

The Webshack offers website design services for new websites at the cheapest price possible. If a client requires more advanced websites like E-commerce, the service is also available. The company’s price for e-commerce website is as low as R1000

In addition to website design, Webshack also offers SEO services, social media marketing, graphic design and web hosting services.

For web design services, they will complete your work within one week.Upon completion, they will present a clean and decent website. The company will also offer hosting services if you need the services.

  • Website Design South Africa

This is another popular web design company in South Africa which has served over 20,000 South African companies and individuals. There are three main websites the company develops:

Website without hosting—R1650

Website with hosting—R2200

E-commerce website—R3450

Most clients go for website without hosting if they already host their sites elsewhere. Website Design South Africa delivers new websites within 7 days. Their websites are fully responsive and mobile friendly.

  • Online By Digital

Online by Digital offers web design services to small, medium and big clients. If you need a personal blog, business website or an e-commerce site, they will deliver. Their prices start from R2,700 per website. Clients are required to pay 50% of the total price as deposit before the company starts designing a website.

The prices of web design by Online by Digital are as follows:

  1. Starter package—R2,700
  2. Starter Pro—R3,500
  3. Start-up business-R5,900
  4. Small business—R8,300
  5. Business Website—R11,500
  6. Advanced Business—R15,500

Apart from website design, online by digital will also provide cheap web hosting services to any client in need of the services.

  • Webfactory

Another reliable company for website design services in South Africa is Webfactory.Some of its clients include:

  1. Akademie Street
  2. University of Cape Town
  3. Rondebosch Boys’ Schools
  4. The Sunflower Fund
  5. Coronation Fund Managers
  6. The River Club
  7. Slick Clothing
  8. Luxury Brands
  9. NRGEX
  10. Skyhorse Aviation
  11. Waste Mart
  12. Equity Estates
  13. Crux Capital
  14. Andrea Graff

Webfactory has designed websites for more than 5,000 clients. Their prices start from R2000 per website.

  • Woww

If you desire to become a blogger, Woww is the best web design company to contract for website design services. The company specializes in designing WordPress websites and up to now, more than 1,000 South African bloggers have benefitted from their services.

Woww also offers web design services for E-commerce sites. As you know,e-commerce sites are demanding, they need light and responsive designs. You also need to integrate payment systems so that when someone purchases a product, they can pay direct through your website. All these things will be done by Woww.

  • Netmechanic

I have also heard several bloggers speak good of Netmechanic.They deliver their services in time and also offer quality services. Netmechanic offer a wide range of services, which include web design, SEO services and graphic design. Their prices for web design services are as low as R1,500.