Website Design Ideas for New Bloggers


Any new blogger needs good website design ideas to enable them come up with SEO friendly blogs. There are things about running a website that nobody will tell you, that you come to experience later on. Even for me, it has taken several years before realizing my blogging mistakes, most of them involving website design.

If you wish to own a perfect blog, here are the things to consider when designing a website.

  • The website must have high loading speed

Speed is key when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Ensure that your website loads at less than 1 second when it doesn’t have adverts. In case you put adverts, the loading speed must not go past 2 and half seconds.

The speed of a website is determined by the number of adverts it contains, the company hosting it, the number and size of images and how clean the code used to design the website is.To get a light WordPress Theme like Soledad,Newsmag and Authentic, go to ThemeForest and buy one from the company.Click on this link to access ThemeForest

The hosting company you are using also affects the speed of your blog. Some of them have old servers which are extremely slow. When a blog is not loading fast, readers will find it unfriendly and avoid opening its content.

We have three  web hosting companies in mind which will ensure that your blog loads extremely fast at all times,they include:

Bluehost(Click here to visit Bluehost website)

A2 Hosting(Click here to visit A2 Hosting website)

Kinsta(Click here to visit Kinsta website)

Bluehost is for small and medium blogs .The best thing about it is that it’s recommended by WordPress for hosting purpuses.The company also has its own theme that more than 5,000 bloggers use.

A2 hosting is also ideal for starters and medium bloggers. If your blog gets between 1,000 and 1 million page views, A2 will work best for it.

Kinsta is A Managed WordPress hosting company that’s most suitable for viral blogs. For blogs receiving 5,000 to 100 million page views per day, this is the best company for you.

  • Use WordPress Content Management System

You can use Joomla, Blogger, WordPress etc but WordPress is the best CMS to use for blogging because it works best for search engines. Blogs designed by WordPress rank better than those designed by any other CMS.Always advise your Website developer to use WordPress to design your website.

WordPress is not complicated, even if you don’t have technical skills, you can comfortably manage it without any assistance from an expert. The CMS is also not so prone to malware attacks especially if you are using a Premum Theme from Themeforest

  • Make sure you have access to cPanel details

When registering a domain name, don’t allow anyone to register for you. Some people will register on their name, create a website and give you cPanel details. You will realize later that you don’t have full control of the cPanel.If that’s the case, someone will sell the website and you can’t do anything. In case you discover that you aren’t the owner of the new website, ask for the change of ownership to reflect your name—don’t start posting before you confirm that you own that blog.

We have seen several cases where bloggers lose viral blogs to rogue web designers who registered them on their own names.

  • The cost of web design

Web design costs between $50 and $1000 depending on the type of website you want to be developed.E-commerce websites are the most expensive.

If you don’t have any knowledge of designing a website and you want to develop one by yourself, the staff at Bluehost will help you.All you have to do is to register a domain,then pay for web hosting and ask them how to link your domain to a new website. To register a domain name and pay for hosting,click on this link

If you wish to chat with a staff member at Bluehost,follow this link

  • Develop a neat and easy to navigate website

A website that’s user friendly will always retain readers. Your blog should look neat, user friendly, easy to navigate and attractive. Take time to put good colours, avoid many adverts and always update it.

Everyone wants to be associated with good things and if your website is good, you will always attract more readers that your competitors.

  • Avoid changing themes regularly

The more regular you change your blog theme, the more you lose organic traffic. When you change your theme, it takes more than one week for your articles to start being indexed. You may even replace a good theme to a mediocre one.If possible, decide on one theme and stick with it forever.I will suggest that you buy Newspaper Theme—I am also using it on my other blogs and it’s doing a wonderful job.Newspaper Theme costs $59.To get the theme,visit Themeforest via this link



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