Best Long-Tail Keywords That Will Attract over 1 Million Page Views in June 2020


The best way to earn more traffic is to know the right long-tail keywords for your titles. It’s also interesting to note that each month has its own keywords that attract the highest number of page views. COVID-19 is not over yet but bloggers are earning from their activities even as lockdown is imposed in many countries.

In this month, June 2020 make the most out of it by writing about the following long-tail keywords:

  1. Highest paid footballers in the world
  2. Footballers affected by COVID-19
  3. How to make money online while working from home
  4. How to create a blog
  5. Capital required to start a blog
  6. How to start e-commerce business
  7. Companies recruiting fresh graduates
  8. English Premier League predictions
  9. Bundesliga Predictions
  10. Best websites where to Livestream football matches for free
  11. Cheap online loans for jobless people
  12. Floyd George Video
  13. Best passive income activities that will generate quick income

I am sure a couple of the 13 articles will generate over 1 million page views. Make sure each of the articles above contains more than 1,000 words. If you want to search for more long-tail keywords,there is a tool by the name LongTail Pro which help bloggers identify the best keywords.To sign up for the tool is free.Click on this link to sign up

Another highly utilized tool is SEMrush, it’s currently being used by more than 30,000 bloggers worldwide. SEMrush has 14-day free trial plan which allows you to search for trending keywords for your competitors, you can also sign up by following this link

As a blogger, you should avoid writing aimless articles; always have a target audience and focus on the benefit of each of your articles. By focusing on long-tail keywords, you’ll find your blog growing exponentially and becoming a force to reckon with in the industry.