What is the maximum Monthly traffic Bluehost shared hosting can handle?


Bluehost has not stated the maximum amount of monthly traffic shared hosting plans can handle but based on other hosting companies’ features,300,000 is the maximum number of visitors it(Bluehost) can handle. One of my websites is hosted by Bluehost, I started hosting with Basic Hosting plan then upgraded to Pro plan. When it was receiving less than 300k visitors per month, I didn’t experience any problem but whenever the traffic exceeded 300k visitors, I got a warning of ‘error in database connection’.

There is a strong connection between bandwidth and traffic. Any website with heavy photos must consume a lot of bandwidth, Bluehost may not sustain 300,000 visitors to that website. Sometimes the warning comes after 100,000 visitors.

When you want your blog to be handled by Bluehost even when it gets over 300,000 monthly visitors, make sure that the pictures you use on your posts are light .Each picture should be less than 50kb.None of your posts should contain more than 3 photos.

Based on my own estimate, here is the traffic each shared plan at Bluehost will handle:

Basic plan—50,000 visitors per month

Plus plan—150,000 visitors per month

Choice plus plan—200,000 visitors per month

Pro plan—300,000 to 500,000 visitors per month.

If you want to host your site at Bluehost,click on this link to visit the company’s website and create a free account.