Web hosting providers in the USA offering free web hosting services


There are a number of web hosting companies in USA with free hosting services.Bluehost is one of them,it gives you 1 month trial for their services with 30 day money back guarantee.If you wish to try them for one month,click here to sign up for one of their plans

Website users desire free hosting services to reduce their online spending. Seriously web owners shun away from free web hosting services since they are risky. For instance, to delay task completion, this reduces the competitive nature of users, thereby other SEO tools taking control of the global market. New enterprises are the primary users of free web hosting services since they lack enough knowledge of websites. This has discouraged their market participation and risk to the operation. New companies fear using money to acquire services, which creates inefficiency in service acquisition. The advantage of using Free web hosting providers is that it assists in handling simple tasks which require subscription fees in other SEO tools. The article seeks to highlight free Web hosting providers that offer users in the U.S. free web hosting services.

1. Weebly

Weebly has its locations in San Francisco, California, U.S. The provider ranks 393 in Alexa as it consists of numerous features. The majority of users are not advanced on Weebly use, which has been solved through simpler operations. The feature that makes Weebly provider unique are mobile app builder. Users can access Weebly by a smartphone, enhancing convenience while providing customers with services. The smartphones also get access to numerous applications which are simple to operate. There is an ad-free hosting where users advertise their products to cover a vast market area. Weebly consists of free SSL security for the clients. The feature is vital for large companies seeking to outshine rival firms. Companies hide sensitive information from cyber-attacks. Users experience a free website builder, which is attractive. The storage space of Weebly is 500 MB, and this is slightly higher than Freehostia space. Besides, Weebly prioritizes on cPanel and Database to ensure convenience in operations.

2. Freehostia

Freehoatia has its headquarters in Kentucky, U.S. The web hosting provider offers fast speed for handling tasks. The great speed is achieved since it consists of a low space of 250 MB, thereby handling charges in partitions. The low storage plan is challenging for users who have large files. This indicates that the services are for the new users, unlike the large companies. Also, the provider discouraged ads that irritated users while handling data. Freehostia has 6 bandwidth and five si, making it a popular web hosting provider. It also consists of a domain registration that is simple and clear for clients. Users get to enjoy 24/7 customer support with qualified staff. The provider includes free cloud hosting, ensuring that data is secure from cyber-attackers. Freehostia values the security of its clients and purpose to attain a competitive advantage. The free services of the provider range from free templates in a site builder and free SSL certificates. Users enjoy 3 email account services, 10 M.B. database storage, MySQL 5, and PHP 4. Freehostia free services are a threat to large companies’ operations, and instead, the provider company should focus on increasing the storage capacity.

3. HostGator

HostGator provider has its headquarters in Houston, Texas, U.S. Currently, the providers offer top-notch services in the market, increasing its competitive nature. The SEO tool was established in 2002, and it has provided efficient services to users. Besides, the company offers quality customer service. The customer providers are educated and audible, creating a 24/7 dedication to clients. The services provided offer reliable web hosting. For instance, HostGator tutors new enterprises on market operations, increasing their service provision. Also, the low price to customers ensures it tops the market. The majority of HostGator service providers are new clients and new businesses. Each HostGator plan contains unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited FTP accounts, and free domain. Other additional features, such as the cPanel dashboard, facilitate its growth. The cPanel has a file manager that improves editing and filling user documents. The importance of web hosting providers is that it offers eCommerce services. For example, users enjoy online store services to enhance business growth. The availability of WooCommerce also increases its competitive level from the rival firms. HostGator also consists of free WordPress services, which are easy to operate for new clients.

4. DreamHost

DreamHost web provider has its headquarters in Brea, California, U.S. The company started its operations in 1996 and provided professional services to its customers. It is one of the oldest providers and has more than 1.5 million websites. Also, the company consists of more than one million domains which improve with an increased subscription. It consists of 1-click installers, unlimited emails, free SSL, free domain privacy, and a free domain name. The advantage of DreamHost is that it is an award-winning host provider. DreamHost has tech support and a high reader survey compared to other web hosting providers. The company has received PCMag Readers Choice Award for its exceptional services in the global market. Clients also have a money-back guarantee, and this runs for 97 days. Users get full refunds when they are unsatisfied with their services. Free Domain and Privacy are guaranteed to its customers. This is a measure of countering unauthorized access to its customers. There is monthly billing with no setup fee, and new users receive cheap services. DreamHost plan provides automatic daily backups to users. The challenge of using DreamHost is that it does not offer email services to clients. The customer’s services are not instant, which discourages big companies from increasing market concentration. The free hosting services do not have a cPanel for the clients, which prevents companies’ operations. The companies have SSH & FTC access, change PHP versions, and MySQL database management.

5. GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy Website Builder has its headquarters in Tempe. Arizona, U.S. The company is famous and consists of the largest domain name registrar. Clients access the company’s services for free and attract market customers. There are 30-day free services for the new clients, which is a better avenue for expanding their market operations. The company consists of a drag and drop website builder, which increases web attractiveness. GoDaddy Website Builder services are cheap to access and operate. Users can edit their sites using a smartphone, enhancing the convenience of handling tasks. There is flexibility and ease of making choices on templates. The designs and clean with suggestions on attractive themes for users. For instance, companies operating on restaurants and blogs have different customer themes. There is also a free advertisement for users. The option allows new companies to display their products on the top page that customers can easily access. The providers’ services have limited features for the big companies, which discourages expansion. It is challenging to operate WordPress for new companies. The company does not have a custom section and has few style customizations. This prevents users from seeking to increase website attractiveness. Besides, users have a fun factor in operating the editing features of the web hosting provider. The support system of the provider offers a FAQ, chat, and telephone services to clients and companies. The GoDaddy Website Builder offers 24/7 customer support, which assists in solving challenges while using SEO tools. The provider has a community forum and a blog where users share their views on companies’ operations and offer suggestions on improvement measures. GoDaddy Website Builder consists of backups and restores features for files. The move discourages unauthorized data access and creates a clean working environment. Security is a significant challenge for companies’ operations, and the restoring version of the provider ensures that new and large companies achieve efficient operations. Apart from security, the storage of GoDaddy Website Builder is unlimited, which allows large companies to operate at a fast speed. The challenge of the free hosting services is that it lacks an email option for the user communication demands.

6. Squarespace

Squarespace has its location in New York (N.Y.), U.S. It provides free software services to the customers. Users can modify their web pages, which attracts customers and increases income. Currently, the company consists of more than 1 million workers and generates $621.1 million by the year ending 2021. Squarespace is a publicly listed company and operates globally.

Squarespace offers site-building features to its users. It ensures that clients and companies with excellent template designs improve the e-commerce market operations. There are close to 60 modern template designs for users to choose from. The company values users’ excellence and performance, and regular website updating features facilitate this. The free hosting services come with free website customization to fit users’ demands. Users have the freedom to drag numerous features of Squarespace to create an attractive web. Clients enjoy high-resolution photos as compared to other web hosting providers. There are a variety of colors, fonts and backgrounds for users to customize their web pages. Domains and security are a priority to Squarespace company operations globally. Squarespace offers exceeding marketing tools to users as compared to Wix and Weebly. The website features YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook services.

The benefits of using Squarespace include good site speed and numerous templates spread for users to make choices. The free hosting services enable users to import and export data. The challenge arises when users desire to export product blocks and video blocks that constitute technicalities. For users operating e-commerce services, the web hosting provider is there to meet their needs. The e-commerce offered is friendly, consisting of customers accounts, tax and coupon systems, inventory, and checkout options. Users enjoy free charges on e-commerce services and utilize the platform to reach a vast population of customers. Giant companies sell their products without limitations, which is an excellent move towards attaining competitive advantage over market rivals. Clients can also customize the whole website to support sales. For instance, users can encourage customers to subscribe to newsletters and services, collect information, display terms and conditions for doing business.

The challenge of operating Squarespace is that it lacks free plans. For instance, users enjoy a 14-day free trial without a desirable map on its operations. This discourages new companies which require numerous features in the free trial segment. This has seen most users opting for the payment plan, which consists of a variety of features. Furthermore, it is slightly cumbersome to edit features in Squarespace. For instance, it is intuitive to edit data on the web page, which acts as a management page. Users are denied the option to create and operate the free pages with clear instructions. A new user faces the challenge of using the Web since the developer does not offer education such as whether to single click or double click an option.

7. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, U.S. AWS provides customers with free features, which has increased its popularity in the market. It is easy to operate the provider since it has an AWS Management Console feature. The feature enables users to access many services and applications for customers. Also, AWS consists of a new platform that facilitates software movement. Users must have high-tech expertise and skills in managing the new platform and realize its significance. Clients and companies enjoy unlimited server capacity to handle all IT-based desires. AWS has a cloud computing space that operates numerous company operations and serves millions of customers. Small enterprises and large companies receive reliable encryption and security in discouraging foreign data access.

The web hosting provider is flexible to operate and manage. For instance, its services are made available by AWS. Clients can choose their programming language, web application platform, and desirable Operating System. The features enable users to move from other platforms and acquire affordable AWS services efficiently. The challenge of operating the web hosting provider consists of EC2 limits. Different regions have different resources, and this creates inequality in service provisions. Clients operating in Washington, U.S, experience a wide variety of services compared to other people using too many resources in the company. The EC2 is a protective measure undertaken with the AWS to discourage access by cyber-attacks. Besides, AWS consists of a common cloud computing problem such as limited control and backup protection.