21 Highest paying AdSense niches in 2022


As a blogger or content creator, you should first do your analysis and understand the best paying niches before creating a blog. Some niches pay as low as $0.01 per click while others pay as high as $1000 per click. It’s so demoralizing when you create content and don’t earn the amount you anticipated—because the major motivation for any blogger is traffic and income.

The amount of money paid per click depends on niche and the budget for industry players or companies advertising in that niche. It’s also determined by the season of the year.

  1. Law or legal matters
  2. Automobile dealers Industry
  3. Cryptocurrency
  4. Making money online
  5. Web hosting
  6. Insurance
  7. Internet and Technology
  8. Electronics
  9. Health: Beauty and skincare
  10. Marketing and Advertising
  11. Online Banking
  12. Online Education
  13. Finance
  14. Loans
  15. Lawyer
  16. Rehab
  17. Home security
  18. Dating
  19. Network marketing
  20. Solar energy
  21. Pets

Cryptocurrency is the best niche to focus on at the moment because the demand for Bitcoins is extremely high. A single click can fetch more than $100 especially if traffic is from USA.

Another niche which pays well for bloggers is Health. But it needs someone with a background in health because there are issues which can only be explained by health experts. Your target audience should be USA because the CPC is high for that traffic.

You should also create a blog which specialize on web hosting and making money online. Nowadays people are looking for ways of earning extra income through online work. For web hosting content, you’ll earn over $0.20 per click. With traffic of 100,000 visitors per month, you’ll always earn above $500.

Insurance and banking are other high paying niches though traffic for this content is not high. As a blogger, you should do both insurance and banking in order to get high traffic. Annuities, insurance premiums and mortgages are among topics with high CPC.

You should also ensure that your content target traffic from these countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • South Africa
  • France
  • UAE

Traffic from those countries can yield good revenues.

Avoid traffic from most African countries and India.

To create a single blog, you need a capital of $50 to $200.A good blog should get traffic through Google and search engine, or through direct searches.

As your blog grows, it also needs a stable web hosting company with powerful servers. I would suggest Kinsta because it’s the one handling traffic for viral websites. To start hosting with kinsta,follow this link

If your blog is new,don’t expect to earn huge amount of money, give it at least two years as you post content on it daily.